The little sketches


Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook

Sometimes it seems silly to post yet another sketch of a mug. But these simple little sketches are where I often experiment the most and find new ways to combine mark-making techniques. Here are three recent ‘little ones’ from the pages of my sketchbook.

My chai mug appears regularly on a sketchbook page. I often pull out a book feeling an urge to draw but without a subject in mind. Given that my chai is never far from me, my mug gets to be the subject of a lot of sketches. The techniques and media I get comfortable with when drawing the simple stuff makes its way ( Eventually, for the most part) into more complex work.

Continuous line ink drawing, washes in ink.

A friend brings over goodies from her garden. They get sketched before they get cooked. Texture, mark-making, mixing media. All things I love.

Pen and ink…

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