A Live Art Show!


Tiffany Arp-Daleo Art

18″ x 18″ Mixed Media on Canvas

I am thrilled to announce for the first time in over a year, I have a painting, “The Mind of a Child” exhibited in a real LIVE juried art show!!!!

Jim Dine painted ‘hearts’ constantly, Wayne Thiebaud was hooked on painting dessert slices, Picasso had an entire ‘Blue Period.’ What captivates you? What is it you want to paint again and again? A symbol, a color, a landscape, an object, a figure, or a seascape? Show us! Let us see what completely inspires you.

This was easy. My current obsession is mandalas. I was gifted with a slew of mandala stencils for Christmas last year, since then, you will notice my infatuation, they are in a lot of my work. I love the symbolism, and it’s easy to modify them to make them personal!

The regional art exhibition at Ashton Gallery

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4 responses to “A Live Art Show!

  1. David Linebarger

    love this! Congrats.

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  2. Oh, what a lovely surprise to find that you reblogged my post, thank you so much!!! 🙏😊

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