A repetition of red figures having a nautical bent


e daggar art: THE MUSEUM

A painting of small red figured in sailboats on a rough sea

The Ohms survive in harsh environments; in the darkness of storms out to sea and the blinding light after a great whomp of snow has covered the terrain in wild mounds of cold down. Rarely alone, the ohms are nevertheless on a lonely and perpetual search. They never rest.

They appeared out of nowhere.

A repetition of red figures having a nautical bent; no fear of sea nor storm. They are seekers, always en route somewhere. Ohms have been spied in wharfs and on the quays of little-used harbors. They move silently, often in shadow or under cover of dim and dreary skies.

These are from a sketchbook I finished at the end of 2020. They are so very gold, so metallic and shiny, these Ohms.

Since the first recorded sighting, they’ve been spotted also in the far north, huddling beneath the aurora borealis. Its animated luminescence may hold…

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4 responses to “A repetition of red figures having a nautical bent

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s a delightful blog!

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  2. Striking colour and marks, the emotive language compliments the work

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