Acrylic and ink painting of a secret garden


e daggar art: THE MUSEUM

video still of a painting in progress, viewed from above

I’ve been filming myself painting and drawing a lot lately. It’s fun! This one turned out surprisingly well, considering I was working with no sketch, just eyeballing it as I checked my photo reference.

As it happens, I did manage to get the proportions of the pond wrong, but I think you’d never know if you didn’t see the photograph I used. The photo is one I took on my trip to Spain and Portugal—now almost two years ago. I really miss traveling!

So here is a little time lapse to take you to a shady secret garden in Gerona, Spain. We came across this garden at the old St Pere monastery while en route to the old medieval wall. Fun fact: they filmed scenes for Game of Thrones in this small medieval town to serve as Braavos in season six.

I plan to make more time lapse and maybe…

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8 responses to “Acrylic and ink painting of a secret garden

  1. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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  2. Interesting video share!

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  3. Your video was fascinating..Thanks for showing us how you do it.

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