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Costumes, dancing, music and sketching

Hello lovelies! As you already guessed I feel an special admiration when in some works drawing and fashion meet.  And as you know, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the so-called third wave of Russian classical music took place, with famous authors such as Stravinsky, Skriabin, Prokófiev and Shostakovich. Under that musical heyday, the collaboration between composers, dancers, actors, choreographers, costume designers and other artists, was very intense and splendid and artists like Matisse, Picasso or Léon Bakst had a prominent role with their contribution in some works and operas, with a remarkable search for a Total Art or the encounter of different artistic disciplines. Here we’ve got an gorgeous example. One more time, thanks so much for your visits!

(If you like ballet dancing you will like this:

By Henri Matisse – Costumes for ‘Le Chant du Rossignol’ (Composed by Stravinsky)

‘Le chant du Rossignol’, Tamara Karsavina with dancers. Costume designs by Henri Matisse, 1920

Henri Matisse et Léonide Massine, the choreographer (Ballets russes. Opéra)



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A classical master of sensuality. ‘The orange stockings’

Hi folks! As you already know, the wife of Egon was also his model and she had an exquisite style for picking clothes. Thank you for your kind visits !

By Schiele, Egon – Portrait from rear of his wife Edith

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Colours and fantasy in the closet

By Donovan, B. – Inner of a wardrobe


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Fantasy about ‘Morning Glory’ flowers (Ipomoea Nil)

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Love and Passion

Hi Folks, as you know ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ not only was an important film, also was a real story during the ‘great depression’ of the thirties between:

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

The famous Theadora Van Runkle designed the costumes for this movie.

Here we’ve got some great sketches for our delight.

By Van Runkle, T. – Lingerie design for Bonnie

By Van Runkle, T. – Costumes design for Clyde

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Hi Sisters! As we can see Fashion and Sketching are very good friends. Happy sunday🐦🌼🌻🎈💖🎨

via Valentino Couture – Spring 18

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Hats. Beginning with a Star Style

Hi sisters, this section was suggested by Mirna Morgan.

‘Obrigado’ my dear, thanks again for your inspiration. Thanks a lot for your visits.

By Donovan, Bill – Star style

By Munch, Edvard – A lady with a hat

By Kirchner, E. L. – An smoker

By Von Zichy, Mihaly – A countrywoman

By Gestel, Leo – A lady with blue hat and green bow

By Gavarni, Paul – A gentleman

By Luini, Bernardino – Half-body lady

By Hopper, E. – Hat

By Durran, Jacqueline – Design of an outfit seen from rear

By Sorolla, Joaquín – Lady and gentleman


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