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Costumes, dancing, music and sketching

Hello lovelies! As you already guessed I feel an special admiration when in some works drawing and fashion meet.  And as you know, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the so-called third wave of Russian classical music took place, with famous authors such as Stravinsky, Skriabin, Prokófiev and Shostakovich. Under that musical heyday, the collaboration between composers, dancers, actors, choreographers, costume designers and other artists, was very intense and splendid and artists like Matisse, Picasso or Léon Bakst had a prominent role with their contribution in some works and operas, with a remarkable search for a Total Art or the encounter of different artistic disciplines. Here we’ve got an gorgeous example. One more time, thanks so much for your visits!

(If you like ballet dancing you will like this:

By Henri Matisse – Costumes for ‘Le Chant du Rossignol’ (Composed by Stravinsky)

‘Le chant du Rossignol’, Tamara Karsavina with dancers. Costume designs by Henri Matisse, 1920

Henri Matisse et Léonide Massine, the choreographer (Ballets russes. Opéra)



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Rock the handsome

Simply a wonderful graffiti. Seen close to the beach in Barcelona.

Thanks for your visits !

By anonymous artist – A portrait of Rock Hudson


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Happy new year 2018 !

Hi Sisters! I’m so proud posing beside this sketch made by Toulouse-Lautrec. All my best wishes for your beginning of the year. Thanks so much for all your visits. See you soon !😘 Continue reading


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you

and thanks so much for your visits.

You’re adorable followers. xoxo

By Tolkien, J.R.R. (Detail of a sketch in a letter. 1934) – Christmas scene with candles under the tree.


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Happy New Year ! 2017


By Warhol, Andy - 'The Holly Shoe' (The typography composition by myself)

By Warhol, Andy – ‘The Holly Shoe’  (The typography composition added it’s by myself)




By Janetta Murrie

By Janetta Murrie



Happy New Year to everyone,

‘Get your dancing shoes on this year – such a fun way of getting ‘exercise by accident’ Do you agree?

Janetta Murrie





By Joy Saint James

By Joy Saint James

Hey, there, sweeties.  Happy New Year!

Joy Saint James









By Francesca Howard

By Francesca Howard

What a great idea!

‘Walking into the New Year in Style!’
Wishing you a very Happy Arty New Year!
Francesca Howard

Cherished Janetta, Joy and Francesca, your share was a true pleasure. All the merit is yours.
Dear friends and followers, thanks for your visits.
I wish a Happy New  2017  for everybody!  Now you can enjoy this funny and suitable link  :

Hi Folks, today,  just this sunrise, I have received a request from a known follower lady of this blog.

So here is the accomplishment of her petition, with the picture and the video.


These boots are made for walking” the Streets of New York.

Health and Happiness for 2017!     XO


Nancy Sinatra – These boots are made for walkin’


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Shoes waiting the 2017

Hi folks, today we have received the matters from some great partakers.





They’re Janetta Murrie and Joy St. James.

The pictures that they have sent and the links will be published tomorrow beside a Masterpiece from the history of Art, to celebrate the change of Year.

*****     Lively up yourself !  *****


Send your contribution to

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Shoes for next New Year

This is my left shoe, yesterday monday

This is my left shoe, yesterday monday

Hi folks, next saturday December, 31th, this blog will publish an entry for celebrate the New Year.

The motif will be a “Shoe” sketched by a Great Artist of the 20th century.

If you want to participate with a  photograph of your shoes, your contribution will be publish with a link to your blog or site.

You also may let some words or wishes for this yearly event.

This is the address:

Enjoy the pride of this community!

Thanks for your visit.


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