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Saints’ day. Matthew, also Mathieu, Matteo, Mateo, Mateu and Mathias

Hi folks! 

September 21th is their day.

In my opinion this work is so amazing.

The triangular composition is wonderfully floating in a heaven scene.

Here we’ve got something more about this author of 18th century.

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By Gottfried Bernhard Götz – A depiction on St Matthew the evangelist holding a quill


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Saint’s day on monday

With sandals, no cross and no crown. I love this kind of saint.

Congratulations, John,  Jean, Giovanni, Johann, Juan, Joan, Jane, Joanna, Jeanette, Jeanine, Janet, Juana and Joana.

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By Campagnola, Giulio (1482 – 1515) – St John posing in front of a hamlet

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Saint’s day. With a book and a cross

Saints’ day. Andrew, André, Andrés, Andresu, Ander, Andrea, Andreas, Andressa and Andreu.

By anonymous artist of 14th century – St Andrew with a book and the cross

Detail of the left foot of the saint

Detail of the head of the bearded saint

Detail of the background with hills

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Saints’ day. Cecilia patroness of musicians

🎵🎶🎼 Well folks! As a tenor that I am, this thursday will be a very special day to me. Thanks for your visits. Music is life!

By Panneels, Willem (an etching after P. P. Rubens) – St Cecilia accompanied by two singing angels


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Saints’ day. A baroque Cecilia

Hi Sisters, as an amateur singer, I’m so glad sharing with you, the celebration of this allegorical character.

Thanks a lot for your visits. Have a wonderful wednesday!

By anonymous artist after Parmigianino – St Cecilia aided by a cherub to carry a baroque contrabass


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Saints’ day. Anne, Ann, Anna and also Ana

Hi Sisters !  This is nothing historic, but this is a beautiful religious sketch (made an engraving) of a maternity full of tenderness

See you soon darlings.

Thanks a million for your visits!

By Dürer – Saint Anne caressing the hair of her grandson Jesus


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Saints’ day. Mark

By Rubliov, Andréi – A depiction of St Mark the evangelist while he was writing. 14th century


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