Landscape & nature

Below own work

A bench and the cable car in the harbour

A church’s tower with clock

A pine tree in foreground and a double bench

A side of a park

A town’s view among a fir and a cypress

Antique greek pier near Empúries

Arbor and bench in winter

Arbor in a corner of a park

At fishers harbour

Backlighting of an autumnal view of a park


Boardwalk between the waves

Boats on the riverbank

Boulders and firs in an alpine landscape

Boulders beside a lake

Boulevard with background building

Branch of Limonium Caspia Hybrid

Branches of a tree

Broken car under a bridge and trees

Buildings and roofs

Coastal view at Sitges

Costa Brava’s town

Cypress and other trees

Dense woodland

Door and parked motorcycle

Fence among the scrub

Fir barren in a cliff

Fisherman near a bridge

Fishing boats with lanterns

Flag, houses, tree and distant mountain

Floating trunks near the riverside

Foliage of a tree with mountain in background

Football Club Barcelona Stadium. View from a public garden

Fountain in the middle of the old quarter

Four bench and a seated figure

Group of cypresses

Hamlet’s gate with a fortified manor


Hedge in a garden

House with balcony of an alpine town

Huge pine beside a track

Islet on the middle of the river

Jetty in Costa Brava

Lamppost with herbage in a corner of a road

Landscape near a village with mountain in background

Landscape with carob tree

Landscape with distant hills

Landscape with distant houses

Landscape with mediterranean plants and trees

Landscape with pines and distant mountain

Landscape with several pines

Lanterns of a boat

Little apple trees planted beside a grove

Little pond in a park with cypress and pine in background

Low plants in a garden

Magnolia tree

Maguey trees beside a rural house

Main door of an old cemetery

Manor’s main gate

Miravet castle by the Ebro river


Old building in a park

Old building with chimney

Old courtyard

Old felled tree

Old fishing boat

Old fountain neglected

Olive tree

Olive trees with a big mountain in background

Palm trunk

Pine forest between

Plants and trees

Pond in a park with bulrushes

Pond under a grove

Road by a pond

Road woodland

Rocky landscape with trees

Rocky shore

Saint George’s church (Venice) view from moving boat

Sea landscape near Portbou

Several plants and trees

Several trees

Shadows of palms and several trees

Side of a forest

Some tops of pine

Springlike landscape

St Pol, near Barcelone

Stall on the shore of the gulf

Stone bench and trees

Stone busts and balustrade

Stony border of a path

Street with old houses and some trees in the foreground

Terrace with awning

The distant town behind plants

The harbour

The old house by Shrine of Mont

Thicket in a mediterranean landscape

Tied up boats and riverside

Top of a church’s tower

Town with church’s tower

Track under the trees

Trail with a park bench

Tree trunks

Tree with open door on background

Trees and puddle

Trees before a building in a park

Two bent firs in an alpine landscape

Two cypresses among several trees

Two cypresses beside a manor

Typical mediterranean manors

Under the pines close to a stone fence

View of a fir, a fence and a pine tree

View of an antique park

View of the mountain that was a vulcano on a cloudy day

View of the mountain that was a vulcano on a sunny day

Viewpoint in a corner of a park

Wave bursting

Wooded landscape

Wooded road

Wooden fence on a meadow

Woodland park with a gangway

Young palms

Young Purple Plum tree

Young tree with its shadow


34 responses to “Landscape & nature

  1. Beautiful selection! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sorry for the delay of my answer, but I’m glad because your messages are so kind. I’m an admirer of your fashion style, because you stylishly can wear a lot of different outfits and looks. You also teach about your observations around countries and your smile spreads joy. Thanks for sharing all that. Congrats Naira!

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  2. Wow, your drawings are a lot different than what I’ve seen before. It’s unique and I love the “curvy”-ish lines you do around it *_*

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  3. Arianna Rose

    I love the colors you used for Foliage of a tree with mountain in background! Although I must say, Lamppost with herbage in a corner of a road is my favorite. The shading and detail you put into the lamppost is really great.

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  4. huge pine, olive tree … well actually – I like them all. you have a marvellous sensitive restrained hand. judicious use of line and tone and directing the eye. More of your work to feature in the blog ….?


  5. Great work! I like your sketches here is a link to one of my latest post with some of my watercolors paintings
    Let me know what you think…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Carolina , I like your watercolor small shelter. It has the colours of a well mixed palette. The harmony between colors and shades is rich and subtle at the same time. The brush strokes collaborate in building a coherent composition. Excellent work. Congratulations!
      The other two watercolors, you already know who were born at other times of greatest hurry.
      I like the different direction with the strokes for the sky and the sea in Venice.
      In the other watercolor, the part of the sky is done fluidly and free.
      I give you two tips:
      One is that there is a tacit convention that horizons must answer a straight line, with little room for creativity.
      The other is that the watercolorists, have another tacit agreement or taboo that is not to use the black color. In any case you have to get dark colors coming out of the mixture of the other.
      A good tip is that the little bloc or tablet of black, could be removed from the color box. Many artists use the black for monochrome testing notes and sketches in different sessions. It is a good exercise to practice tones. But never with the others.
      I have to admire your ability to capture lights, the most important for this technique, and this virtue and your constancy, I’m sure will give you great creative results.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and kind words. I appreciate all your suggestions and advices. I am happy to hear your opinion which I value a lot! I have to say that actually I don’t use the black at all I always mix the colors to obtain dark and darkest the case of the two watercolors Venice and the seascape the color pops really black on computer screen in reality is not that black is more of a gray purple also I made this two watercolors very fast they started more as quick coloured sketch than became lets say paintings…that’s why also the horizons line is not straight. I am happy that you like my lights and the fluidity and also the different direction with the strokes, I like to go free when I paint and explore other ways. Thank you very much 🙂

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      • Dearest Carolina, remind that this technique is to create a heap of overlapped transparences, colours cannot be orphans. You already have what is necessary for be a great artist and the most important: to enjoy with your explorations. Have a nice tuesday and a giant kiss.

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      • Ahaha….thank you! Have a wonderful day or night 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you! Here 11:38 a.m.


      • are you in Spain? Here in California 2.40am…lol Artists sometimes are Owls…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yeah, and sometimes we find something amazing. We are curious. Maybe we are thirsty for beauty.
        But be owl in the night and rooster on the dawn isn’t good for me. See you soon lovely friend!


  6. I love the use of color in your “boulders” and “rocky path”. I also love how you use so many different media!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Ranger, I also love the shapes, colours and textures, of your textile works. It’s a true pleasure we meet in this crossroad of our paths. Be a good beholder is so important as be creating. Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your comment.

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  7. These are wonderful and your attention to detail is amazing! I love so many of them! Great job!

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  8. I like your work. You are very artist.

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  9. Amazing selection of sketches! Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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