Models & people

Here own work

A gray-haired man with glasses and sitting

A back view of an old man wearing beret and thick wool jersey

A back view of an old man wearing beret leaning on a marble table

A classmate standing with his body leaning forward while he is drawing

A classmate wearing a sweater and skirt seen from behind

A classmate while he draws

A classmate with her hand on her left hip while she draws

A drawing student and the teacher pointing to the model

A lying man face down with his arms over his head

A profile view of a child

A profile view of a teenage girl

A woman and a man sharing the newspaper on a bench

An half-open right hand

An unclothed male sitter simulates a runner, twisting his torso, head and arms, to his left side

Bearded artist sitting in the classroom

Bearded man sitting with his hand on his chin

Boy leaning on his right leg with a backpacking

Boy sitting on the grass in the foreground. In the background a girl leaning on a fence waiting for a bus

Brown hair girl with pigtails view from rear

Child in a bathing suit standing on a fence

Child with a cowl topped with a tassel

Classmate with a ponytail seen from behind

Couple lying on the ground one facing each other

Elder man seated with a typical beret

Figure lying on the floor and study of his arm

Fisherman sitting and mending the nets

Four teenage girls conversing

Girl sitting on the ground with his wicker basket

Girl sitting with her apron and ponytail with the head tilted down

Girl with braids. Studies of sitting and standing

Girl with shorts seated on a bench

Inner of a tavern with large windows

Little girl sitting on a chair behind view

Lying sitter and with his head resting on his right arm

Male model bent on the ground seen from behind and showing their genitals

man resting his left arm and leg on a pedestal and holding a pipe

Man with dark glasses and unbuttoned shirt sitting in a cafe

Man with hands in pockets

Medium shot of a man on the ground raising his torso while leans the head back

My paint teacher seen from the back and with his hands in his pockets

My wife is studying

My wife sitting and meditates in front of a desk

My wife sitting with her handbag hanging on a chair in front the desk

Naked sitter raising her arms with the head turned to the left

Ponytailed unclothed female sitter lying on the floor with your knees together

Profile of an old man wearing beret and scarf

Profile view of a naked female model standing with ponytail

Seated female sitter dressed

Seated man with a country hat

Seated woman with bun resting his chin on his left arm

Several figures seen from behind, one of these with backpack

Several studies of an unclothed male sitter

Short-haired woman sitting

Sitter holding the instep of his right foot

Sitter wearing a ponytail hairstyle view in profile

Sitting girl with a braid

Standing girl leans over her right arm

Studies of an unclothed male sitter

Study of a hand, an unclothed male sitter and a girl while she is sketching model

Study of a woman with bag, seen from behind at bus stop

Study of slippers from the feet of a classmate

Study of the left hand of a smoker

Study of two women and a man napping in the field

The bared butt of a male sitter

The bearded teacher of drawing on the ground

The pink violinist

The right foot

The sneaker of a college’s friend

Three quarter view of unclothed female sitter lying on her right side

Two women sitting on the floor talking in a park

Unclothed female sitter kneeling with hands folded behind his nape

Unclothed female sitter lying on the floor with her head on her left arm

Unclothed female sitter lying with her legs tilted to the right

Unclothed female sitter posing standing

Unclothed female sitter posing with his left leg kneeling and with her torso leaning forward

Unclothed female sitter raising her arms ahead of her head

Unclothed female sitter seated with right leg bent and her head and torso tilted toward the left side

Unclothed female sitter seen from behind

Unclothed female sitter sitting and resting on her left knee

Unclothed female sitter sitting and resting on her left side

Unclothed female sitter sitting on the floor on her right knee while she leans to her left side

Unclothed female sitter sitting on the floor on your right side with her left hand on her thigh

Unclothed female sitter standing while leaning forward, resting her left hand on her buttock

Female sitter supported with both arms on a stool

Unclothed female sitter with a ponytail and seen from behind resting on her right knee

Unclothed female sitter with her arms raised and hands behind her head

Unclothed female sitter with her left arm on her hip and her right arm over her head

Unclothed female sitter with her left arm on her hip and her right arm over her head

Unclothed female sitter. sitting and leaning his left arm on the ground

Unclothed male sitter bending his the waist and lowering his arms towards the ground

Unclothed male sitter crouched with his head on his left forearm on the floor

Unclothed male sitter kneeling and raising his left arm

Unclothed male sitter kneeling with the left leg and his torso tilted to the left

Unclothed male sitter lying face down on a pedestal

Unclothed male sitter lying face up with arms and legs apart

unclothed male sitter sitting and pointing towards the ground with a staff

Unclothed male sitter sitting on the floor while he leans to his left side raising his right knee

Unclothed male sitter sitting over his right leg and raising his left arm

Unclothed male sitter squatting

Unclothed male sitter with his legs crossed and arms behind his back

Unclothed male sitter with his torso forward and resting his left arm on his right leg

Unclothed male sitter with knees bent and torso folded and head resting against the ground

While the unclothed female sitter takes off her clothes

Woman on a lawn looking the newspaper

Woman posing with dressing gown while bends her bared legs

Woman sitting on folding stool


45 responses to “Models & people

  1. Super work, thank you for visiting me a short while ago. Love your blog and I’ll be back. Thank you.


  2. I love these sketches, you’ve captured the movement brilliantly. I especially love the candid ones, which look as if your subjects didn’t know you were drawing them, you’ve really recorded these brief moments beautifully 🙂


  3. Your life drawings are well observed – great lines!


    • Hello June, sometimes we can receive some compliments, but the yours are from someone expert that you. Your fellowship makes me glad and grateful for your opinion. Best wishes for you have a nice day! 😉


  4. Such remarkable work! I would love to hire you to do some sketches for an heirloom children’s picture book that I have written. It would be just a bit…I have to gather the funds first. But, I think you are the illustrator that I have been searching for!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of these!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Gran dibujante, el cuerpo humano, sus posturas etc perfectamente captadas. Me gusta mucho.Saludos.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Claro. Estoy dando vuelta por los dibujos…

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I love all of these 😉 Good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. wow!!! você tem um talento inestimável…. São todos belos, muito belos… Não sei dizer qual é o meu preferido…. 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Mirna, you should know that your opinion is one of the most important for me. Then I have two reasons to be glad. The first because you like this work. The second because your opinion gives me a bit of proud. Infinite thanks and kisses!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Maybe The Pink Violinist…. Maybe….

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  11. Hola Enrique: muy bonito tu trabajo. Yo dirijo junto a David Cerdá una revista online de Filosofía & Arte llamada Humano, creativamente humano: La revista tiene un año, es pequeña y gratis y todos colaboramos sin cobrar, pero tiene bastantes lectores en España y el mundo. Todos los que colaboramos lo hacemos por amor al arte y a la filosofía. Se me ocurre que podrías publicar en HCH algunos de tus dibujos y pinturas (me gustan especialmente algunos desnudos y otras obras que he visto por ahí). Tenemos un “Rincón del pintor”:
    Si te interesa, escríbeme al email de la revista (está en Contacto) y te cuento más. Un abrazo / Antonia

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  12. Tania Tome de Castro

    Impressive! You have a lot of excelent drawings! 🙂

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  13. J’aime beaucoup vos croquis réalisés avec des techniques et des traités très différents. Merci de m’avoir rejoint sur mon blog j’espère que vous vous y plairez également. Bruno de Lille
    I like very much your sketches realized with very different treaties and techniques . Thank you for having joined me on my blog I hope that you will also like it. Bruno from Lille

    Liked by 1 person

  14. How wonderful to have a talent like yours. To be able to take a pencil in hand and produce a beautiful piece of art work. I yearn to have a talent like that. I think I am a little jealous because all I can manage are stick people. It always amazes me to watch or see someone bring life to a piece of paper or a canvas. I can picture things in my mind that I would like to be able to draw or paint to no avail so I write about them instead. Thank you for sharing your talent. :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi dear, I am very happy for your flattering words and I want to tell you that when I’m in front of what I want to draw I try to have an enough receptive and passive beholding to receive everything that the motif tells me. That means that I’m not an artist of fantasy and I have not too much imagination as others. However I am jealous of his ability with the words. Once I read that Edward Hopper said that we only should to draw what is not able to be depicted with words.Thank you very much for your selfless and sincere words 🌸🌷🍀🌹🌺🌼.


    • You’re a wonderful writer. Congrats 💜


  15. Lovely work, I especially liked the intimate sketch of a man and woman sharing a newspaper.


  16. Amazing talent!!!!

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  17. THese are AMAZING!!! Cheers!!! 🙂

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  18. Hi! I started life drawing classes this year, and it’s inspirational to see your drawing here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow dear‼️Your practise will be something great. In the beginning not exactly funny but after a time, you will be lucky with the new experience. Kisses from Barcelona 💟💟💟

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m learning so much. There are no life drawing classes here in my little country town, so the pandemic has opened up an oppurtunity for me as classes have gone on line. Love from deepest darkest southern England xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh darling, I’m sorry but while the pandemic lasts, we maybe must practise with still life, with pets or with someone living at home. Without darkness, Without the darkness nothing would shine. Courage! Spring is very close 😘😘

        Liked by 1 person

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