Autumn and Winter Sewing Plans


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Geodesic and skirtTuria dungaree dress and stripy topWhen not sewing or otherwise creating, a fair portion of my time is taking up dreaming about sewing or creating. This lovely daydreaming planning is even more urgent since I moved to the islands as it’s no longer simple to nip into a shop and buy a new bit of clothing.

With this in mind I decided, for the first time, to focus my daydreaming slightly in order to create a plan of clothes for this Autumn / Winter, which would take me through to Spring. I’ve narrowed it down to 6 items for myself (one item was scored off the list once completed yesterday), and 4 items for other people, not including some unconfirmed Christmas gifts.

I am, at the moment, on a rather strict budget, so I’ll be looking at using what fabrics I already have, as well as cheap sale items. This may make some of these…

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Weekly Reflection 6

👶Hello lovelies! A long time ago, adults explained that babies were brought by the storks of Paris😁

Greta GY

24/10/18 – 25/10/18


Written: 18/11/18


1. Observational drawing

That week we drew another pile of chairs. This is my second time drawing the chairs.

We were allowed to choose parts of the construction we wanted to draw and come up with a composition ourselves.

I like how it came out (even though I wasn’t able to finish it completely). I like that I managed to capture the contrast, shadows and light that was there. The composition I came up with is, in my opinion, good but not too intriguing. This time I didn’t place the objects in the centre so it’s a little more interesting and effective. To improve I should have worked a little faster and maybe more expressively but overall I am happy with my drawing. The size of the paper was double A1, materials – charcoal.

2. Printmaking

That week I continued with experimentation for…

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Lovers, war and death

Hi folks! This german artist was another victim of second world war. She died  in 1943 at 26 years old. Thanks for your visits!

By Salomon, Charlotte – Lovers on a beach.    Do not miss these four minutes of visiting the work of Charlotte, accompanied by the genuine music by russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov:


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🐴❤Hi beauties ! Let’s take care of those animals that we were punishing for centuries. They are horses

Art blog - Nadia Baumgart

Zeichnung-Pferde-Nadia-Baumgart Ink drawing – Tuschezeichnung

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Saint’s day. With a book and a cross

Saints’ day. Andrew, André, Andrés, Andresu, Ander, Andrea, Andreas, Andressa and Andreu.

By anonymous artist of 14th century – St Andrew with a book and the cross

Detail of the left foot of the saint

Detail of the head of the bearded saint

Detail of the background with hills

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Bear Spirit Guide by Judith Shaw


judith shaw photoBear has been important to human mythology and story for thousands of years. Some feel that Bear is the oldest European deity, as bones and skulls of bears have been found lovingly arranged on niches found in caves across Europe. The first written sentence from the Old Europe Script, invented around 6,000 years ago reads, “The Bear Goddess and the Bird Goddess are the Bear Goddess indeed.

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Bold strokes are always fashion

Hi folks! This is a fine sketcher too. We can realize the freshness of this sketch. Thanks for your visit!

By Karl Lagerfeld – Model wearing an outfit

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