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Old people

By Goya – Still I learn

By Le Nain – Seated old woman with a little girl

By Klimt – Sitting old woman in profile

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Old woman carrying fagots

By Anguissola – Old woman studying the alphabet with a laughing girl

By Cesari – The head of a bearded man wearing a turban

By Bruegel, the Elder – Two old men

By Bloemaert – Study of the head of a bearded man

By Rembrandt – Old man with his arms extended

By Da Vinci – Seated old man

By Kustodiev – Old man wearing traditional clothes

By Von Menzel, Adolph – Study of a nude

By Moore – Old women wearing hats

By Campi – Studies of an old woman’s face and a leg

By Ghirlandaio, Domenico – Bust of an oldish man, in profile to right

By Altdorfer, Albrecht – Stepping man

By Rubens – Two studies of an elderly man’s head

By Kubin – The great grandmother

By Simberg, Hugo – Auntie in wheelchair

By Piazzetta – Old man’s head

By Jordaens – Head of an elderly man

By Maes – Old woman asleep

By De Kooning – Bearded man

By Dürer – Study of a man aged

By Piot, René – The naked, bearded man, his head bent forward, face, arms folded

By Ricci – Head of an old man

By Gérôme – Standing old man with a basket and a staff

By David, Gerard – Portrait of an old woman

By Boucher – Tilted head study of an old man down to the right

By Klimt – Head of an old woman

By Da Vinci – Head of an old man

Anonymous – Head of a bearded old man, turned to the left

By Schulz, Bruno – Beside the old father in the sanatorium

By Bandinelli, Baccio – Head of an old man

By Goya – Old woman

By myself – Two old women looking a pond in a park

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