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By Velázquez – Head of a girl

By Tiepolo – Head of a boy

By Kokoschka – Study for `Ambassador Ivan Maisky’

By Bronzino – Head of a young man

By Lowry – Head of a man

By Barocci – Study of a head

By Herrera – Head

By Carracci – Grotesque head

By Bassano – Head of an apostle to ‘Pentecost’

By Giacometti – Four Heads (Diego)

By Nolde – Head

By González, Julio – Head with spikes

By Dix – Woman’s head

By Manet – Head of a woman

By Raphael – The poet’s head

By Dufy – Italian woman

By Bronzino – Head of a boy

By Matisse – Head

By Ribera – Head of a satyr

By Redon – Fantastic head

By Rubens - Young woman's head

By Rubens – Young woman’s head

By Constable – Young man

By Modigliani – Female’s head

By Picasso – Man of the nose broken

By Watteau – Study of a woman’s head

By Dürer – Constructed head of a man in profile

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