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Angels and winged people

🐦 Hi folks! Have you ever wanted to be a bird? Thanks for your visits!💙

By Bonet, P. – Back from heaven



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Saints’ day. Cecilia patroness of musicians

🎵🎶🎼 Well folks! As a tenor that I am, this thursday will be a very special day to me. Thanks for your visits. Music is life!

By Panneels, Willem (an etching after P. P. Rubens) – St Cecilia accompanied by two singing angels


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Saints’ day. Michael, also Mikael, Michel, Miguel, Mihail, Miquel, Michaela, Michelle, and Mihaela

“If you remove my demons, I would lose my angels”.
(Tennessee Williams)


Dear friends, in my opinion the religions do business and manipulate our deepest and mystical feelings. They have been the bloodiest justification in the history of the wars of mankind.
They make dogma between angels and demons, and between ‘the good’ and ‘the evil’ just as insurance companies qualify drivers, as ‘bonus’ and ‘malus’.
All this although the contradictions and the feelings in human mind, are certainly: “Complementary and Inseparable”.

Thanks so much for your visit!

By Raphael - St Michael fighting against a demon

By Raphael – St Michael fighting against a demon


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