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News about abortion and a depiction by Paula Rego’s Art

Hello sisters! Is there a life more important than the own of a woman when she decides that is better to abort ? Don’t forget your right.

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By Rego, Paula – Seated woman (Sketch from ‘Abortion Series’).


Paula Rego in her atelier

🇺🇸  Donald Trump is planning to take action against California over the state’s requirement that insurance companies cover abortions (PUBLISHED FRI, JAN 24 2020 BY CNBC).


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Gerda & Lili

Hi folks! Sometimes Art can change relationships, as relationships can change Art.

Dont miss this real story.


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By Wegener, Gerda – Self-portrait with her husband Lili.

The film

The book


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Something about danish art

A depiction of Fall.  Dark but gorgeous drawing.

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By Lund, Jens – The Autum

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Psicóloga en Gijón. Psychologist interested in Art

Sara P. Lorenzo

Sara P. Lorenzo, psicóloga especialista en soluciones de problemas de relaciones, así como en ansiedad, con terapia online.

Sara P. Lorenzo, psychologist specialist on relationships troubles, and anxiety too, with online services.


By Munch, Edvard – Depressed man talking with a mermaid on a shore.

La doctora Sara P. Lorenzo no sólo es una apasionada de su trabajo, también es una fan de artistas especialistas en expresiones humanas, como John W. Waterhouse, Edvard Munch o simplemente de los dibujos Manga.

Doctor Sara P. Lorenzo, is not only a passionate of her job, she also is a fan of artists specialists on human faces expression, like John W. Waterhouse, Edvard Munch or on simply Manga drawings.

If you are interested on mermaids stories, here you’ve got a good link:




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Shoes waiting the 2017

Hi folks, today we have received the matters from some great partakers.





They’re Janetta Murrie and Joy St. James.

The pictures that they have sent and the links will be published tomorrow beside a Masterpiece from the history of Art, to celebrate the change of Year.

*****     Lively up yourself !  *****


Send your contribution to sketchuniverse.wordpress@gmail.com

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Definitely you’re excellent lovers of Art

Dear followers and friends, you have merited my true admiration!

ThousandThank you!


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