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Ethnical and folklore

By Kandinsky – Two finnish ladies at Imatra

By Gauguin – Studies of a tahitian woman

By Watteau – Studies on black boys

By Rivera – Mexican family seated

By Delacroix – Studies for ‘Death of Sardanapalus’

By Bellini – Study of a turk

By Nonell, I. – Gypsy couple

By Rembrandt – A jew with the high cap

By Boudin – Studies on breton people

By Potter, Maurice – A village in Senegal

By Gauguin – ‘Musique Barbare’

By Delacroix – A Man holding a turkish smoking pipe and the skyline of a city in the background with another figure

By Roguin, Louis – Jewish woman from north africa

By Dürer – Black man

By La Neziere, J. David de – Artisan of lanterns in Hanoi

By Zorn- Bedouin girl

By Roberts, David – Two spanish peasants

By Perret, Marius – Vietnamese flutist girl

By Levy, Alphonse J. – Black women selling bananas at the market

By François Balthazar Solvyns – Urdhvabahu or ‘raised arm’ baba’s

By Gérôme, J. L. – Woman of sabers

By Gauguin – Head of a black girl

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Sketch of ‘Pretty Fathma’

By Boucher – Pasha in his harem

By Dinet, Etienne – Moorish woman with her hand on chest

By Delacroix – Camp in Morocco, near Tangier and Meknes

By Guillaumet, G.A.- Camp in Algiers

By Bonte, J. – Smoker at Indochina

By G.T. Vigne – Sikh appointees

By Klee – Scene in Kairouan (Kirwan or al-Qayrawan) Tunisia

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