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By Holbein, H. the Younger – The bat

By Delacroix – Royal tiger

By Pisanello – Two bears standing

By Dufresne – Zebras fleeing from crocodiles’ attack

By Gaudier-Brzeska – Monkey

By Ligozzi – Study of a flying fish

By Regnault, Henri – Two heads of lynx

By Kunisada – A crab

By Le Brun, Charles – Two heads of camel

By Da Udine – Study of a bird

By Scorza – Studies of a wolf and dove

By Appel – Red bird in blue

By Marc, Franz – A fawn scratching

By Dürer – Lioness

By Picabia – Tiger

By Kuchan, Li – Unknown title

By Rubens – Study of a lion

By unknown author of Giovanni De Grassi’s Studio – Two wolves

By Gaudier-Brzeska – Wolf

By Kokoschka – Turtle

By Macke – Donkey, camels and horse

By Van der Vinne, Vincent – A toad

By Poussin – Camel

By Pisanello – Falcons, eagle, and porcupine

By Sargent, J. S. – Oxen herd

By Da Vinci – Study of a bird in flight

By Hoffmann – Red squirrel

By Cranach, the Elder – Study of a lion

By unknown author, 17th century (Mughal Empire) – Blue-bull or ‘nilgai’

By Beuys – Dove, food and rainbow

By Dürer – A walrus

By Strada, Jacopo – Ornate elephant

By Cranach, L. the Younger – Fowls and foxes

By Barye, Antoine L. – Studies of crocodile

By Savery, R. – Two Dodo birds

By Moreau, Gustave – Study of a viper that blows

By Titian – Eagle

By Eisen – A bird in the shore

By anonymous – Leopard on a rock in front of an eagle

By Stubbs, G. – Elk seen in profile

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