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By Feininger – Beer drinker at ‘Cafe du Dome’

By Picasso – The breakfasts

By Kuniyoshi – Three anglers at Teppozu in Japan

By Grosz – Playing cards of the Apaches. When it was all over

By Arcimboldo – Design of a sledge

By Bonnard – In the bathtub

By Pascin – Cafe scene

By Titian – Lain woman

By Avery – Sally phone call

By Sickert – Study for ‘The actress’

By Whistler – The three girls

By Botero – The hunter

By Warhol – Reds-Pete Rose I ‘Charlie Hustle’

By Matisse – Two women

By Klee – Masked

A page of persian Rumi’s poet (Shams-I-Tabrïzï)

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