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Boats, ships, sea, beach, shore and rivers

By Signac – Le Havre with rain clouds

By Monet – Étretat, the ‘Needle Rock and Porte d’Aval’

By Boudin – Cabins on the beach

By Dufy – Fishers harbour at Boston

By Turner – Surf at Ramsgate harbour

By Friedrich – Anchor

By T. F. Simon – Ships and junks arrival in Yokohama

By Kokoschka – Still life with lobster and sea-gull

By Dalí – For poetry book of Rafael Alberti ‘Sailor On Dry Land’

By Feininger – The lighthouse

By Dürer – Antwerp harbour

By Renoir – House with a boat before (Harbour of Martigues)

By Monet – Caiques on Pebble Beach of Étretat

By Signac – The tuna fishers

By Boudin – Figures on the beach

By Constable – Shipping near ipswich

By Degas – Coastal landscape at sunset

By Nolde – Two steamers

By Gainsborough – Sketch of a flooded pathway

By Cox, David – Coast Scene

By Picasso – On the beach

By Cross, Edmond – Mediterranean coast

By Vernier, Emile L. – Three fishing boats with their nets drying in Brest

By Whistler – Scene on the Mersey

By Dufy – Platter of seafood for bouillabaisse

By Friedrich – Barkentine at harbour

By Boudin – At the beach

By Monet – Sailboats and a harbour

By Signac – Harbor with sailboat, tugboat, and barge

By Turner – Storm at sea

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