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By Derain – Feast in countryside

By Goya – Men admiring a woman of a fair in Bordeaux

By Van Ostade, A. – Scene in the tavern

By Picasso – Young holding a smoking pipe

By Picabia – Girl looking at a picture in her hands

By Hopper – Night scene with some people in a cafe

By Denis, Maurice – Two women playing tennis by couple

By Goncharova, Natalia S. – The cafe

By Duchamp, Marcel – Sketch for ‘Chess players’

By Pissarro – Figures in countryside

By Balthus – Domestic scene

By Kirchner – Two girls with bows in the wood

By Malevich – In the bath

By Manet – Study for Le déjeuner sur l’herbe. The Luncheon on the Grass

By Fantin Latour – Five men around a table in a tavern

By Matisse – Two recumbent odalisques beside a checkerboard

By Gauguin – Women sitting in tahitian landscape. Noa

By Gordillo, Luis – Sketch for the serie of ‘Smokers’

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Two women sitting in cafe

By Kuniyoshi, Ichiyusai – Men drinking sake at the stall of a street seller

By Carracci – Three men, one holding a big marble

By Daumier – Study of two men ‘Parade’

By Rembrandt – A man playing cards

By Boccioni – Concert in Milan

By Fuseli – Figures of recumbent women and a head of a man

By Hogarth – People in a tavern scene

By Klee – A woman and a man playing backgammon

By Guercino – Male bather

By Tiepolo – Three studies of male figures

By Murillo – Standing male figure

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Anonymous author – Muslim and Christian playing chess. 13th century

By Goya – Eagle hunter

By Géricault – Boxers with spectators and a man’s head

By Lautrec, Toulouse – At the circus free horses

By Boccioni – Dynamism of a cyclist (Oblong feature)

Anonymous author – Raja smoking a hookah. India, Rajasthan, 19th century

By T.F. Simon – Henry Circus in Prague

By Grosz – Acrobats

By Fantin Latour – The toast

By Ter Borch – Two boys relieving themselves in the street

By Munch – Asleep

By Seurat – Man lying on a parapet

By Leger – Skating rink

By Bruegel, the Elder – Seated Burgher

By Matisse – Signac fishing and Derain swimming

By Bonnard – Preparatory sketch for ‘Coffee’

By Beuys – Witches spitting fire

By Piranesi – Studies of three men

By Schlemmer – Man running

By Jones, Inigo – Elephant with palanquin

By Botero – Gymnast

By Van Dyck, Anton – Figure with dog and figure with falcon

By Guercino – Young holding a cup and a carafe of wine

By Kirchner – Two women

By Kubin, Alfred – Descent in the gorge

By Muhammad Ali of Golconda – Poet in a garden

By Bantzer, Carl – Vesper on the field

By Cézanne – Bathers

By Daumier – The athlete

By Lautrec, Toulouse – Drinker

By T.F. Simon – Asian girl with parasol

By Renoir – A woman seated by a lake

By Fantin Latour – Inner with five women

By Pissarro – Group of characters under discussion, for a market study

By Seurat – The nanny

By Avercamp – Games on the ice in Kampen

By Riza-i ‘Abbasi – Lady with a mirror

By Keene, Charles S.- The seven ages at lawn tennis

By Rowlandson – Pantheon masquerade

By Fragonard – Fireworks

By Van Ostade – Untitled

By Matisse – Seated woman

By Bonnard – Preparatory sketch for ‘The bowl of milk’

By Dürer – The women’s bath

By Calder – Circus

By Watteau – Savoyard

By Bacon – Man on a bed

By myself – Two figures talking beside a bench

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