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Dance, performance and theatre

By Van Gogh – Dance hall in Nuenen (Netherlands)

By Schlemmer – Sketch of ‘Triadic Ballet’

By Pissarro – ‘The Round’

By Botero – The dance

By Beham, Hans Sebald – Goblin dancing

By Seurat – Man dancing

By Kirchner – Dancing couple

By Lebedev, Vladimir – Couple in a modern dance

By Watteau – Four sketches of actors performing beside the sketch of a hand

By Romano, Giulio – Dance with bacchante among two naked fauns

By Picasso – Woman dancing while a ‘Picador’ (Horseman bullfighter) is clapping hands

By Goncharova, Natalia S. – Unknown title

By Rego, Paula – ‘The Rehearsal’

By Kirchner – Three dancers of Can-Can

By Bakst, Leon – The main character in ‘Afternoon of a Faun’

By Degas – Four dancers

By Whistler – Woman dancer

By Matisse – Mask (Face)

By Boucher – Young country girl dancing

By Callot – Fair of Gondreville in France

By Bernard, Joseph A. – Two women and a child naked, dancing in a landscape

By Poussin – A dance to the music of Time

By Degas – Three dancers in yellow skirts

By Ilia Efimovich Repin – Portrait of actress Eleonora Duse

By Rego, Paula – A drawing for ‘The dance’

By Rodin – Five naked women dancing

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Four sketches of figures practicing with the rings in a circus

By myself – Sketches of actress saluting

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