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Eating, drinking and resting

Hi folks, sometimes in the summertime we can feel moments of sloth.

Thanks for your visits !

By López, Antonio – Scene of summer at home


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Sensual. Beginning with Singer Sargent

By Singer Sargent – Man lying between red robe

By Rembrandt – Woman sitting with bust naked

By Rodin – ‘Le soleil couchant’ ‘The setting sun’

By Bronzino, Agnolo – A man on the floor lying on his back

By Klimt, Gustav- Naked woman lying on her garments

By Burrington, S. – The flowery blue dress

By Wegener, Gerda – A seated woman drinking from a cup

By Carracci – A young man posing

By Schiele, Egon – The girl of the black stockings

By Cantarini, Simone – A boy sitting on a rock


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