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Something about danish art

A depiction of Fall.  Dark but gorgeous drawing.

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By Lund, Jens – The Autum


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Adam and Eve

By Tintoretto – Study for the fall of Adam and Eve

By Dürer – Adam and Eve

By Klee – Adam and little Eve

By Pinazo, Ignacio – Adam and Eve making love

By Valadon, Suzanne – Naked couple standing on the painting Adam and Eve (also called Jeux)

By Gauguin – Tahitian Eve

By Jan Gossaert (Mabuse) – The fall of Adam and Eve

By Blake, William – Adam and Eve

By Anoymous author.17th century in Italy – Adam and Eve with Cain and Abel

By Lotto, Lorenzo [after Michelangelo] – The temptation and expulsion from paradise

By Fantin Latour – Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit

By Ruge, Jorg (Book of Heraldry) 15th century – Adam and Eve (detail)

By Cranach (the elder) – Adam reaches the apple’s Eve

By Bassano, Leandro – Adam and Eve

By Munch – Adam and Eve

By Raphael – Study for Adam

By Koning, Philips – Adam and Eve

By Dürer – Arm of Eve with the apple

By Wink, Christian – Adam and Eve after the Fall

By Goltzius, Hendrick – Adam and Eve

By Dix – Adam and Eve

By Michelangelo (After Masaccio) – Adam and Eve chased from paradise

By Pontormo – Study for ‘The creation of Eve’ and ‘Christ in glory’

By Fuchs, Peter – Adam and Eve

By Gauguin – The breton Eve

By Anonymous author. 17th century in Germany – Adam and Eve suckling and working after their expulsion

By Goudt, Hendrick (attributed) – Adam and Eve mourn the dead Abel

By Vinkeboons – Adam and Eve in paradise

By Hoey, Nicolas de – Adam and Eve in paradise

By Blake, William – Paradise lost. Adam and Eve sleeping

By Ronig, Ludwig Egidius – Adam and Eve

By Dürer – Study for the engraving, Adam and Eve

By Fantin Latour – Adam debout et Eve expelled from paradise

By Bosch, Hieronymus – Eve and the serpent


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