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Hair. Beginning with a chignon

By Schiele – Portrait of Edith Schiele with chignon

By Goya – Nude woman with a mirror

By anonymous florentine master of 17 th century – Head of a man

By Picasso – Untitled

By Correggio, Antonio A. – A bearded man with curly hair

By Barbari, Jacopo de – Young woman holding a mirror

By John, Gwendolen Mary – The tousled girl

By Canova, Antonio – Toilette of Venus

By Gandolfi, Gaetano – Five women with curlers

By Zenou, Izak – Inside a hairdresser’s shop


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Hairdresser’s sketches

By Rembrandt

By Picasso

By Matisse

By Coello

By March

By Roger Van der Weyden after H. Van der Goes

By Chassériau

By Veronese

By Cézanne after Desjardins


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