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Leisha Evans – Reasons against weapons

By White, C. - Songs of Life

By White, C. – Songs of Life

July, 2016
Dear friends and followers, this post is a little tribute to a true heroine, between the racist events the last days in

This big woman is Leisha Evans. Thanks for your courage. Let’s stop the racism!

Leisha Evans in front the police in Baton Rouge. Louisiana

Leisha Evans in front the police in Baton Rouge. Louisiana


After the Second World War, USA foreign policy has been promote armed conflicts worldwide. The list would be too long to remember all countries.

The high commands of that country speak of ‘allies’, but NATO is headed by generals of that nation, and those who say they have to be his friends, is demonstrably proven that had been spied upon by their distrust.

The allies are harmed by the desire of Washington, for what they call ‘security’ when actually the consequence of their
policy across the globe is the hate that they foment.

With a deep international economic crisis, also want to push us to increase military budgets of our countries, and also to send refugees from armed conflicts toward Europe. Those who never will reach Arkansas, Colorado, Virginia,Texas or any other state.

We must to stop the using of the allies, as shields. THE AMERICAN WARS ARE NOT OURS. That nation has been awaking enemies around the world, and the events demonstrate their old spirit like the gunmen of a western.

Someday their hegemony will end and we’re proud to have collaborated with our bit.

Although the media are dominated by them, at least we can denounce what they do.

We are protagonists of history. Courage!


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