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Architecture, furniture and decoration

By Mackintosh – Design of a room

By Du Cerceau, J. Androuet – Project for the halls in the castle of Montargis, first and second floor

By Turner, William – Inner with artwork exhibition

By Le Corbusier – ‘Taureau’. (Bull). Cover of the Assembly Building in Chandigarh (India)

By Lisch, J. J. G. – Project for an hotel in Montparnasse. Paris

By Van Gogh – Mantel and chair

By Carracci – Set of figures to architectural ornamentation

By Moneo, Rafael – Kursaal, the cultural center and auditorium in San Sebastian (Spain)

By Hubert Robert – Some figures while they are cleaning beside an antique fountain as a laundry beside a roman ruins

By Loos – The Heuberg Plan

By Lewis, J. Frederick – A big hall with colorful windows. Egypt

By Laloux, V. A. F. – Orsay, railway station

By Larsson, Carl – A room of a little girl

By Rietveld, Gerrit Thomas – Sketches on the zigzag chair for children, ‘Jesse’

By Modigliani – Caryatid

By Du Cerceau, J. Androuet – Unknown title

By Lisch, J. J. G. – Le Havre, railway station

By Zubov, Alexey – Marriage of Peter the Great, tsar of Russia beside the river Neva

By Girtin, Thomas – A herder resting on the wall of an old abbey in ruins

By Garnier, Tony – Detail of The Assemblies Building. Project of The Industrial City

By Jones, Owen – Plan of Crystal Palace in the park of Saint-Cloud in Paris

By Du Cerceau, J. Androuet – Lessons on viewpoint

By Dobuzhinsky, Mstislav – Lion and gryphon (Perugia)

By Van der Rohe, Mies – Villa Tugendhat

By Tiepolo – A manor, low angle

By Guimard – Design for the facade of Société Immobilière a la Rue Moderne

By Schönerer, Matthias – South Station in Viena

By Zuccari, Federico – Original plan for Palazzetto Zuccari in Rome

By Piranesi – Columned indoor

By Perret – Théâtre des Champs-Élysées (Paris)

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