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The Fortune and the Nominations

By Prud'hon, Pierre-Paul - A depiction of the 'Fortune'

By Prud’hon, Pierre-Paul – A depiction of the ‘Fortune’


My blogger friend Mansi Panwar and her site:


Has nominated me for thE 3 DAY QUOTE challenge.

My Day 1 Nominees are:


https://krasivoblog.wordpress.com/      (Evgenia)

https://fargaregardsanna.wordpress.com/      (Anna)

https://onehundreddaysonehundredcreations.wordpress.com/      (Suzie)


“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not Art” 

(Paul Cézanne)


Dear Followers:

This blogger is excited not only because have 696 followers that this site has to date, but also about the wide range of activities of them. I never thought it would happen, but now that the event has come and I’ve been nominated and I have to nominate other blogs, I was worried how to select them. My only intention was to be just and as it would be very difficult to make a raffle with almost seven hundred possibilities, I decided to collect data only from blogs that are treating about drawing or painting. The activity of drawing (not arrives to 5% of this blog) is still a minority and I have seen fit to promote it, but from here I send my gratitude and admiration to all other bloggers specialists in other activities, of which I am so proud, the Art is some expression made for the beholders and they are the real  specialists.
So with 25 candidates it has been easier to do it. The nominated haven’t been, the most friendly, or the best known, or the most admired, not they have been only and solely the most fortunate and touched by the lucky.
The selection consists in three blogs by day during three, so thanks to all and congratulations to the nine women artist winners. Have a nice day!

first step

first step

second step

second step


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