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Plants, trees, botanical and still life

By Stella, Joseph – Red lily

By Zoppo, Marco – Young checking a fruit

By Dufy – Olive trees in ‘Côte d’Azur’

By Ramsay, Allan – Arm holding a flower

By Palmer – Cypress Avenue in Tivoli

By Matisse – Left hand holding a fruit

By Cézanne – Leaves and flowers

By Guercino – A young with flowers

By Balthus – Still life with two flowers and two fruit pieces

By Lorrain – Two trees on a hill

By Lichtenstein – Depicition of still life with cheese, pear and red background

By Botero, Fernando – Still life in front of a woman holding a fruit

By Ruskin, John – White knapweed

By Schmidt-Rottluff – Plants and landscape

By Goncharova, Natalia Sergeevna – Vessel with flower

By Mackintosh – Rhododendron

By Mondrian – Apple tree

By Cézanne – Still life with fruits

By Van Gogh – The garden of St Paul’s Hospital at St Rémy

By Matisse – Woman-flower in green

By Quost, Ernest – Study on rhododendron’s flowers

By Giacometti – Still life behind a chair

By Stella Joseph – Study of a flower

By Kirchner – Flowers

By Barocci – Tree

By Bloemaert – Marrow plant and cabbages

By Matisse – Still life with ten pieces of fruit

By Balthus – Study of a tree and plants

By Redon, Odilon – Studies of flowers, face and hand

By Constable – Trees

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