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By Steinlen – The price of love

By Lichtenstein – Face of a frightened girl

By Boccioni – Mental state drawing

By Picabia – Reminding

By Munch – Blossom of pain ‘Quickborn’

By Goya – Gladden

By Pollock – Psychoanalytic drawing

By Dürer – Self-portrait as the ‘Man of Sorrow’

By Chagall – Forwards

By Bruegel the Elder – Pride

By González, J. – Fear

By Daumier – Three men laughing

By Klee – A vain pedagogue

By Le Brun – Expressions of the Passions of the Soul

By Puvis de Chavannes – Study for ‘Hope’

By Redon – The fool. Intuition

By Van Dongen – Anxiety

By Rossetti, D. G. – Silence

By Fuseli, Henry – The slanderer

By Greuze – Melancholy

By Klimt – Strutting woman

By David – The grief of Andromache

By Barlach, E. – Despair and outrage

By Bronzino – Jealousy

By Sickert – The objection

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