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By Daumier – The Bathers

By Cézanne – Group on a scull

By Hopper – Unknown title

By Pissarro – Seated woman

By Guercino – The conversation

By Lowry – Unknown title

By Eisen – Pipe smokers

By Van Ostade – Peasants repast

By Boccioni – Boxer (Dynamism of human body)

By Goya – Seated man with a hat

By Hogarth – Unknown title

By Picasso – Youth of the helmet and sword

By Haring – Unknown title

By Moore – Eight Reclining Figures

Miniature of Shahnameh – Chess players (detail)

By Luks – Man on park bench

By Dufy – Dinner gala

By Watteau – Young Man seated, his right leg and hand raised

By Sickert – Tea Party (Preparatory Sketch)

By Seurat – Man leaning on a fence

By Steinlen – Women

By Daumier – Art’s expert and collector in the studio

By Lautrec – Woman

By Kirchner – Dodo at the dining table

By Bonnard – Coffee (Preparatory Sketch)

By myself – Seated girl with a hat

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