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By Guercino – Two women drying their hair in front of fireplace

By Picasso – Woman styling

By Greuze – Girl at her toilet

By Lichtenstein – Depiction a face of a girl in a mirror (Unknown title)

By Rego, Paula – Depiction of four women in a lounge (Unknown title)

By Da Vinci – Studies for the head of Leda

By de Gheyn II – Four studies of a woman combing

By Puvis de Chavannes – Study of a woman plaited

By Passerotti, Bartolomeo – Head of a man

By Goya – Young woman arranging her hair

By Watteau – Six studies of women’s heads and two of a boy

By Klimt – Reclining nude

By Kustodiev, Boris – Girl brushing her hair

By Rubens – Bearded man

By Parmigianino – Woman delousing a child

By Picasso – Naked woman arranging her hair

By Boucher, François (Attributed) – Two studies of women heads with hairstyle

By Da Vinci – Drawing of Salai

By Valadon, Suzanne – Four feminine act studies

By Rego, Paula – Depiction of a woman styling hair of a man with boats and coastal cliff in the background (Unknown title)

By Helleu – Studies of Mme Helleu and Ellen

By Tournes, Etienne – Seated woman seen from behind arranges her hair

By Picasso – Bearded

By Draper, Herbert James -Study for Lamia

By Matisse – Young girl with braids

By Degas – Woman drying herself

By Fau, Ferdinand – Naked girl on her knees arranging her hair

By Da Vinci – The bust of a man with flowing hair in profile

By Piot, René – Nude woman standing her hair. Top right, a sketch of a naked woman

By Puvis de Chavannes – Nude woman sitting on a pedestal, styling her hair

By Toulouse Lautrec – Woman with mirror

By Rego, Paula – Depiction of woman with girl at the hairdresser’s shop. (Study for ‘Lessons’ II)

By della Bella – Study of female head in three-quarter profile and bust seen from the back

By Rivera – Woman with comb

By Picasso – A woman’s toilette

By Eisen – Grooming. Spring mist

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