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Saints’ day. George, also Georges, Giorgio, Jürgen, Jørgen, Jorge, Jordi, Georgia, Georgina, Georgette, Georgetta, Gogo and Jordina

Hi sisters, today the streets of Barcelona are full of florists and also of books sellers like every year during this celebration, here also known as’The Rosa’s Day’ or ‘St Jordi’s Day’. Thanks so much for your visits.
Dear Екатерина, I know this work by Vrubel, thanks to you. Спасибо люблю!

By Vrubel, Mikhail Aleksandrovich – The rose

By Raphael – A depiction of St. George with his sword fighting against the dragon

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Saints’ day. Michael

By Murillo - St Michael barefoot, winged, wearing helmet and holding a sword

By Murillo – St Michael barefoot, winged, wearing helmet and holding a sword

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War, battles, political, fights and violence

By Picasso – Hand of warrior holding a broken sword

By Goya – A drawing for the Disasters of War

By Cézanne – Scene of violence

By Orsi, Lelio – A crossbowman

By Vivant Denon – Severed head, said to be that of Maximilien-François-Marie-Isidore de Robespierre, guillotined

By Picasso – Head of a horse. Guernica sketch 8

By Ribera – Woman holding an arrow

By Da Vinci – Engine to kill

By Géricault – The retreat from Russia

By Chagall – About war (1915)

By Parrocel – Head of a soldier

By Grosz – Manifest of Grosz

By Daumier – The thieves and the ass

By Pollaiolo – A Francis Sforza victory

By Dürer – Battle of seagod (after Mantegna)

By Picasso – Man-Bull. (Guernica sketch 26)

By Kustodiev – Petrograd in 1920

By Da Vinci – Dragon and a lion fighting

By Le Brun – Detail of a combat scene

By Uccello – Soldier on rearing horse

By Bauer – Soldiers using prismatics

By Wilkie, David – An incident during the visit of George IV to Edinburgh

By Tintoretto – Study for an archer of the Battle of Zara

By Gutiérrez Solana, José – Picking up the dead (Spanish civil war)

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Musketeer

By Picasso – Composition study with bull, horse and figures. Guernica sketch 6

By Da Vinci – Mortars bombarding a fortress

By Dürer – Abduction on horseback

By Seurat – Soldiers, one mending his linen

By Grosz – Toads of property

By Moore – Refuge

By Planas – Ali Bey al-Abbasi (Domingo Badía Leblich) in the desert (drawing for ‘The Catalan Glories’)

By Farinati, Paolo – The jewish forces vanquishing the supporters of Haman

By Watteau – Sheet with studies of a young woman and four reclining soldiers

By Picasso – Bullfighting scene

By Pisanello – Bowcase and quiver of arrows

By Parrocel – Cavaliers falling into the water after the collapse of a drawbridge

By Nash, Paul – The Messerschmidt (The Swallow)

By Raphael – A group of four warriors

By Uccello, Paolo – Six heads of falcon and three warriors in to two sheets

By Picasso – ‘War and peace’

By Da Vinci – Designs for a catapult

By Rubens – Studies of horses and figures some soldiers

By Del Vaga – Combats of the amazons

By Guercino – Two warriors

By Anonymous – Troop of horsemen out of a city

By Allan, David – Mary Queen of Scots lead through the streets of Edinburgh after the Battle of Carberry Hill

By Delacroix – Lion and tiger fighting

By Picasso – The Tauromachia

By Géricault – Bonaparte march in the desert

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