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Music players

By Degas – Studies for music-hall singers

By Natoire – Bacchante with tambourin

By Kitaj R.B.- Pianist

By Bronzino – Seated nude youth playing panpipes

By Simon, Juste – Egyptian musician, after a Cordier’s sculpture

By Leighton – A cymbal player. A study for the musician in the painting ‘Salome dancing’

By Magritte – Violinist (The first day)

By Burne Jones – Two studies of a sitting girl playing a zither

By Callot – Two dwarfs playing the mandolin and the flute

By Fantin Latour – A Schumann’s piece

By Simon, T. F. – Cither player

By Bordone (Attributed) – The cello player

By Seurat – Eden concert , robust singer

By Longhi – Lute player

By Matisse – The piano player (Henriette)

By Rembrandt – Four musicians with wind instruments

By Erhard, Christoph – Man playing the spinet

By Poncet, J. B.- Young player of flute

By Friedrich – The harp player

By Zorn – Violinist

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