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Horses, riders, carts, and donkeys

By Bruegel the Elder – The team

By Da Vinci – Front view. Study of the proportion of horses

By Picasso – A horse in the bullfighting

By Géricault – Two horses and one rider. Scene after the free race-horse

By Pisanello – Sketches of John VIII Palaiologos during his visit at the council of Florence

By Dufy – A parade of jockeys in Deauville

By Van Gogh – Sketch of a donkey

By Cox, David – Ornamented head of a horse

By Degas – Horse in a study for Semiramis building Babylon

By Rembrandt – Masked men on horseback

By Gainsborough – Wooded landscape with peasant asleep and horses outside a shed

By Vodkin, Petrov – Horse’s Head with opened mouth, for painting Bathing of the Red Horse

By Goya – Horse kidnapper

By Da Vinci – Horses feet showing the horseshoes

By Zhao Mengfu – Groom with tied white stallion 13th century

By Géricault – Stallion seen from back in a sheet with an sketch of a woman

By Seurat – Two horse-hitch

By Avercamp, Hendrik – Two ladies and a gentleman on a horse-drawn sleigh

By Vernier, Emile L. – Draft horse with its necklace

By Kirchner – Unknown title depicting figures with their horses

By Sargent, John Singer – Arab stable

By Guercino – Horses for the ceiling fresco Aurora in the Casino Ludovisi, Rome

By Veber, Jean – A blacksmith putting the horseshoe

By Kokoschka – Six riders on white horses

By Della Bella (Attributed) – Man on horseback raising his right arm

By Gauguin – Horse

By Da Vinci – The head of a horse

By Raphael – Study of a sculpture of a horse

By Van Gogh – Hind legs of a horse

By Pisanello – Horses with reins and saddles

By Géricault (Attributed) – Studies of two horses

By Marini, Marino – Horse and cavalier

By Dufy – Horse racing at Goodwood

By Degas – A jockey

By Cox, David – Horse and barge

By Fragonard – The broken rein

By Stubbs, George – Muscles of the horse

By Beihong, Xu – Black and white horses

By Da Vinci – A horse in profile divided by lines

By Géricault – Studies of stallions in the stable

By Rembrandt – Two figures in a landscape, one on horseback

By Titian – Horse and rider

By Gainsborough – Travellers on horseback and carriages passing through a village

By Ademar de Chabannais – Horses with carriages in the sketches for the Psychomachia of Prudentius. 10th century

By Delacroix – A bugler soldier on horseback with his dog

By Degas – Cavalier

By Da Vinci – A horse’s left foreleg with measurements

By Van Gogh – Horse and carriage

By Pisanello – Head of a horse

By myself – Equestrian statue


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