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Sketchers too

By Fellini, Federico – To ‘Amarcord’ and ‘La Città delle donne’

By Unamuno, Miguel de – Lonely fields of Castilla (Spain)

By Hugo, Victor – Ship in tempestuous sea

By Kafka, Franz – The thinker

By Dylan, Bob – Train tracks

By Carroll, Lewis – Edith Blakemore

By Quinn, Anthony – Aliyah

By Ali, Muhammad (Cassius Clay) – Let My People Go

By Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von – Landscape for Clouds Game

By Hugo, Victor – Bordeaux. The belfry of St. Michael

By Unamuno, Miguel de – The ‘Potro’. Device of torture

By Lennon, John – Watch the holes, Yoko

By Stanislavski, Konstantin – Othello (Production plan sketches)

By Lagerfeld, Karl – Best wishes for 1985

By Cocteau, Jean – The bride

By Paul McCartney – Original drawing

By García Lorca, Federico – Drawing to illustrate one of his own poems

By Fellini – Self-portrait with Ginger and Fred

By Grass, Günter – Unknown title

By Dylan, Bob – Unknown title

By Kafka, Franz – Three runners

By Mandela, Nelson – Cell

By Proust, Marcel – Shadow of Young Girls in Bloom

By Quinn, Anthony – Sketch for a bronze

By Hugo, Victor – Pamplona. The big tower

By Unamuno, Miguel de – Self-portrait

By Scott, Ridley – Sketch to Robin Hood

By Phil Collins – Sketch

By Welles, Orson – To ‘Macbeth’

By Baudelaire, Charles – Jeanne Duval

By Thomas, Dylan – A self-caricature in pencil

By Satie, Erik – M. Sadi

By Falk, Peter – Girl in blue blouse

By Rimbaud, Arthur – Drawing letter to Delahaye

By Lynch, David to ‘Eraserhead’

By Hugo, Victor – Countrywoman


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