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By Moore, Henry – Mother and child

By Schiele, Egon – A little girl with her mother

By Utamaro, Kitagawa – Woman breastfeeding her son

By Cassatt, Mary – In the tram

By Rops, Félicien – Untitled

By Valadon, Suzanne – Standing woman washes the neck of a girl

By Kitaj, R. B. – A pregnant woman on a hammock

By Haring, Keith – The blue baby

By Rembrandt – Two sketches of a baby sucking from the tits of his mother

By Disney, Walter – Preparatory sketch of the little elephant Dumbo in front a cell greets his mother


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Buildings, streets and cities

By Feininger, Lyonel – Lüneburg, streetscape

By Van Gogh – The Iron Bridge

By Premazzi, Luigi – Cathedral and Catherine Canal in St Petersburg. Russia

By Weenix, Jan Baptist – Fountain in roman wall and the remains of a column

By Wyngaerde – View of Alcalá de Henares

By Jongkind – The ‘Maison de la Rue du Pont Neuf’ sign

By Klee – Street scene

By Tiepolo – Depiction of a penthouse with columns

By Cox, David – Near the ‘Pont d’Arcole’ Paris

By Malevich – Lady waiting on the tram stop

By Borch Ter, Gerard – View on Via Panisperna. Rome

By Gris – A street in Montmartre

By Olivier – Villa Borghese

By Feininger, Lyonel – Pedestrians on the street

By Schwitters, Kurt – Portals of houses

By Goncharova, Natalia S. – Snowy street

By Lorraine – Monastery and ruins at Monte Soratte. Italy

By Vernier, Emile L. – Lampposts and roofs of houses

By Constable – Tintern abbey

By Savery, Roelant – Ruined houses

By McCulloch, H. – Edinburgh Castle

By Cox, David – Caernarvon Castle

By Balthus – Depiction of garden and mansion

By Dürer – Two castles

By Urgell, Modest – Belfry

By Piranesi – To the series ‘Carceri a l’invenzione’

By Solana, J. G. – For two people of Castile. Spain

By Lowry – John Dalton’s birthplace. Eaglesfield

By Utrillo, Maurice – Mansion

By myself – View of a bridge in Amsterdam

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