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Letters, diaries and manuscripts

By Alechinsky, Pierre – Dedication

By Schwimmer, Max – Untitled

By Kalho, Frida – ‘Pies para qué los quiero…’

By Valéry, Paul – Erasures ornamented

By Gauguin, Paul – Letter with drawings from Polynesia

By Cocteau, Jean – A bald head with letters

By Van Gogh – Pollarded willows. Sketch in a letter

By Grass, Günter – The trick

By Hesse, Hermann – Unknown title

By Manet, Édouard – Letter with a yellow snail on a leaf

By Rembrandt – Portrait of a young Saskia in a straw hat and manuscript below

By Hugo, Victor – A letter to his wife

By Klee, Paul – Appeared from the dark

By Chirico, Giorgio de – A portrait with writing

By Dostoyevsky, Fyodor – Scribbles for ‘The Demons’

By Goncharova, Natalia – Costume design for ‘Night on Bald Mountain’. Score by Mussorgsky

By Signac, Paul – The royal stables

By Ramón y Cajal, Santiago – Note

By Boccioni, Umberto – Street view in Milan (The Gamboloita bridge)

By Blake, William – The mythological ‘Los’

By Miró, Joan – Friendly dedication from the artist to the editor

By Michelangelo – Salome kneeling and holding in a tray the head of St John the Baptist

By Schwimmer, Max – Postcard easter greetings

By Valéry, Paul – Manuscript among a face and a head

By Géricault, Théodore – Big lion laying

By Van Gogh – Still life with coffee pot in a letter

By Kalho, Frida – Writing and drawing of her diary

By Cocteau, Jean – Portrait of Paul Eluard

By Da Vinci – Anatomical drawing of the stomach and the intestine

By Dalí – Dedicated words and sketches

By Gauguin, Paul – Letter with drawings from Polynesia

By Hugo, Victor – The shadow of the olive tree

By Schlageter, Karl – Unknown title

By Hesse, Hermann – Letter with header drawing of a tree in front of a building

By Miller, Henry – Sleeplessness

By Urgell, Modest – Writing with bethel

By Manet, Édouard – Letter with three plums

By Rossetti, D. Gabriel – Bemoaning the death of his pet

By Schwimmer, Max – ‘Three Graces’

By Desnos, Robert – Sketches with writing

By Giraud, Sébastien Charles – Letter and drawing from Tahiti

By Cocteau, Jean – Sketch for a fashion magazine

By Giacometti, Alberto – Three sketches with manuscript

By Gauguin, Paul – Letter with drawings from Polynesia

By Apollinaire, Guillaume – Notebook

By Van Gogh – Road with a man and pollard willows in a letter

By Doré, Gustave – A letter with sketches of figures

By Kalho, Frida – Writing and drawing of her diary

By Valéry, Paul – Manuscript

By García Lorca, Federico – Letter to Ana María Dalí


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