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News about abortion and a depiction by Paula Rego’s Art

Hello sisters! Is there a life more important than the own of a woman when she decides that is better to abort ? Don’t forget your right.

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By Rego, Paula – Seated woman (Sketch from ‘Abortion Series’).


Paula Rego in her atelier

🇺🇸  Donald Trump is planning to take action against California over the state’s requirement that insurance companies cover abortions (PUBLISHED FRI, JAN 24 2020 BY CNBC).


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Ethnical. A very conflictive issue in U.S.

Hi folks ! This is a tribute to people killed last Saturday in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. It was not the Klu Kux Klan. It is simply the era of President Trump. 

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By ChassĂ©riau, ThĂ©odore – Jewish woman seated with traditional clothes




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