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Nocturne and fancying

By Rembrandt – Sleeping

By Rodin – Twilight, the night escapes

By Bruegel – Witches

By Rego, Paula – Unknown title

By Munch – Self-portrait at night

By Grosz, George – Twilight, crepuscule. (Ecce Homo)

By Adami, Valerio – Unknown title

By Monet – Clouds of sunset

By Seurat – Night stroll

By anonymous author in a persian miniature (15th century) – Muhammad’s night. Journey to heaven on his mount Buraq

By Moore – Sleepers in pink and green

By Dali – Study of air centers and soft morphologies of ‘Leda Atomica’

By unknown master of Flemish School – Moon in exaltation

By Pollock – Unknown title

By Bihzad – The night of Alexander and the hermit

By Daubigny – Night

By Bouguereau, William – Sketch for ‘Night’

By Millet – Dusk

By Redon – The eye

By Fantin Latour – The dawn and the night

By Picabia, Francis – The wing

By Gauguin – The Nightmare (Eve)

By Arp, Jean – Moondancer

By Beckmann, Max – Max Eight Town in 1920

By Fuseli – The nightmare leaves the warehouse by two sleeping women

By Pascin – The night closing

By Miró – Woman, bird and star

By Burchfield, Charles – Insects and moon

By Da Vinci – Studies of the illumination of the moon

By T. F. Simon – Sunset

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