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War, battles, political, fights and violence

By Truong Hieu – Herbicide and napalm bombing at Vietnam war

By Da Vinci – Machine for storming walls

By Guercino – Study of warrior for ‘Hersilia separating Romulus and Tatius’

By Moore – Shelter

By Quintanilla – Figure holding a rifle in spanish civil war

By Titian – Helmet

By Egger-Lienz – Soldiers

By Kuniyoshi – Benkei holding a halberd

By Troppa – Hercules fighting a dragon with another study of Hercules slaying Cacus

By Ardizzone – Shelterers in a crypt

By Da Vinci – Fighters

By Moore – Shelterers

By Courtois – Battle

By Gros – Napoleon at Eylau

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