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By Turner – Cricket on the Goodwin sands

By Callot – Unknown title

By Leang K’ai (13th. century) – Li Po declaiming a poem

By Léger – The acrobats

By Guardi – Banquet in Honour of the Visit of Tsesarevich Pavel Petrovich to Venice

By Boudin – Four seated figures

By Duchamp – Study for ‘Chess players’

By Corinth – Study to ‘The Banquet’

By Magnasco – The optical box

By Friedrich – Friedrich during his journey with Kersting

By Watteau – Seated young woman

By Picasso – Man with a smoking pipe

By De Kooning – Woman seated in a chair

By Degas – The Nouvelle Athenes Cafe

By Avery – Relaxed woman

By myself – Two figures seated on a bench


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The Cycle of the Life (by Leonardo da Vinci)

Da Vinci – Man and women

Da Vinci – Woman’s head

Da Vinci – Man’s head

Da Vinci – Abdomen, penis, and leg of a male in profile

Da Vinci – Female’s system

Da Vinci – Coition

Da Vinci – Womb with fetus

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Buildings, streets and cities

By Velázquez – The Cathedral in Granada

By Lowry – St. John’s Church, Deansgate

By Balthus – The Chassy’s Castle

By T. F. Simon – Pittsburg

By Tiepolo – A Fortified House with a Round Tower

By Feininger – Village Street on the Baltic

By Dufy – The Mistral’s statue at Arles

By Vuillard – The turret of Clayes Castle

By Grosz – Sawmill and apartments buildings in Berlin

By Fragonard – The Bastille inner

By Dobuzhinsky – A russian village street

By Kupka – Study with uprights, the Cathedral

By Rembrandt – Castle’s gate

By Hobbema – Mountain church and watermill to Deventer

By Kline, Franz – Street scene

By myself – Football Club Barcelona stadium, behind a chinaberry tree

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By Marquet – Self-portrait 1900

By Cézanne – Self-portrait

By Goya – Self-portrait

By Chagall – Self-portrait

By Picabia – Self-portrait

By Aniello Falcone – Self-portrait

By Buffet – Self-portrait

By Courbet – Self-portrait with smoking pipe

By Corinth – Self-portrait

By Ramsay – ‘By Allan Ramsay’

By Schiele – Seers (Triple self-portrait)

By Palmer – Self-portrait

By Friedrich – Self-portrait

By Piazzetta – Self-portrait

By Millet – Self-portrait

By De Pietris – Self-portrait

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Plants, trees, botanical and still life

By Calder – Germination

By T. F. Simon – Bonsai trees

By Delacroix – Two branches with leaves

By Parmigianino – Study of plants under a tree

By Dürer – Violets

By Van Gogh – A leaf of chestnut tree and pod

By Mackintosh – Hazel tree

By Corot – Study of a beech tree

By Nolde – Sunflowers

By Matisse – Still life

By Rivera – Landscape with cactuses

By Botero – Still life

By Chagall – Nosegays and nude

By Buffet – Basket, whip and bread on table

By Nolde – Garden’s nosegay of violet and yellow flowers

By Dufy – The olive trees

By Mackintosh – Mimosa

By myself – Ornamental pot in an antique park


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By Munch – Young man and prostitute

By Picasso – Shepherd courting a shepherdess

By Tiepolo – The meeting between Antony and Cleopatra

By Utamaro – Lovers in an upstairs room. ‘Poem of the pillow’

By Moore – Man and woman seated a table

Etruscan art – Helena and Menelao (detail)

By Klimt – Embrace

Pahari School – Krishna and Radha (detail)

By Rubens – Couple in embrace

By Eisen – Couple making love

By Schad – Loving boys

By Marevna, Maria – Unknown title

By Goya – Two lovers in a courtyard (detail)

By Rego, Paula – Bondage

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By Daumier – The soup

By Bonnard – Mother and child

By Epstein, Jacob – Indian mother and child

By Munch – Heritage

By Chagall – Man with a cat and woman with a child

By Rivera – Mother and child

By Kunisada – Unknown title depicting mother and child under the netting

By Epstein, Jacob – Study for maternity

By Moore – Studies about mother and son

By Rembrandt – Woman and child

By Van Gogh – Sketches of ‘the drenthe’

By Cassatt – Baby standing on mother’s lap

By Carriere – Mother and child

By Manet – Woman with child

By myself – A stroller among two female figures in a public garden


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