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Horses, riders, carts and donkeys

By Sargent, J. Singer – A horse in front of a door

By Guys, Constantin – Two figures on a carriage beside three riders wearing top hats

By Pissarro – A horse works a field

By Boucher – Study of two rampant horses

By Picasso – Young horseman poses with his horse

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Horse and coach

By Arcimboldo, Giuseppe – Harnessed horse, in profile

By Dürer – Man in armor on horseback

By Begaud, Pierre A. – Studies of donkeys grazing

By Kirchner – Harnessed team

By Gericault – A man clutching a horse in water

By Vernier, Emile L. – Horse ready for the axis of a carriage

By Rubens – Head of a donkey

By Bonheur, Rosa – Several studies of horses and riders

By Shitao – Horses on the water (17th c)

By Van Gogh – Carriage

By Macke, August – Horses on sale

By Da Vinci – Man on a horse rearing over a recumbent figure

By Delacroix – Bucking horse

By Boccioni – Tethered horses

By Egorov, Konstantin – Carriage

By Fortuny, M.- Sketches of legs and head of a horse

By Rodin – Rider and woman

By Vermeer, Jan Van Delft – Scene of countryside including a figure on horseback

By Degas – A horseman wearing a hat

By Pisanello – Studies on the nose, mouth and chest of a horse

By Falcone, Aniello – Riders battle

By Gericault – Butcher on horseback

By Simonini, Francesco A. – Riders and horses fighting in a battle

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Unknown title

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By Redon, Odilon – Half-length portrait of the artist’s wife

By Ingres – Three sisters posing beside a piano

By Pissarro – Jeanne Pissarro, when she was a lass

By Boccioni, Umberto – The artist’s mom portrayed

By Rouault – A married couple

By T.F. Simon – One of his kids

By Rubens – Portrait of his wife Isabella Brant

By Kustodiev, Boris M. – Mrs. Kustodieva and the daughter Irina seen from rear

By Pissarro – Portrait of the artist’s mother

By Dürer – Portrait of his brother

By Rembrandt – His wife Saskia sitting beside the window

By Fuseli – Portrait of the artist’s wife

By Rego, Paula – Study for the family

By Meckenem – Self-portrait posing with his wife

By Courbet – Portrait of his father

By Greuze – Mistress Greuze lying on a divan with her pet

By Helleu, Paul – Miss Helleu

By Dürer – Portrait of his mother wearing a scarf on her head

By Grosz – Wife and husband walking

By Goya – Javier, the artist’s son

By Gorky, Arshile – His mother Shushan

By Cézanne – Portrait of Mrs. Cézanne

By Fragonard – Portrait of his daughter Rosalie

By Monet – Michel Monet writing

By Ingres – His wife posing with pregnancy

By Schiele – Portrait de Gerta Schiele

By Rembrandt – Titus the artist’s son posing with beret

By Rubens – Albert Rubens

By Picasso – After Renoir’s painting ‘Le menage Sisley’

By Friedrich – His nurse Mutter Heiden

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Ethnical and folklore

By Kandinsky – Two finnish ladies at Imatra

By Gauguin – Studies of a tahitian woman

By Watteau – Studies on black boys

By Rivera – Mexican family seated

By Delacroix – Studies for ‘Death of Sardanapalus’

By Bellini – Study of a turk

By Nonell, I. – Gypsy couple

By Rembrandt – A jew with the high cap

By Boudin – Studies on breton people

By Potter, Maurice – A village in Senegal

By Gauguin – ‘Musique Barbare’

By Delacroix – A Man holding a turkish smoking pipe and the skyline of a city in the background with another figure

By Roguin, Louis – Jewish woman from north africa

By Dürer – Black man

By La Neziere, J. David de – Artisan of lanterns in Hanoi

By Zorn- Bedouin girl

By Roberts, David – Two spanish peasants

By Perret, Marius – Vietnamese flutist girl

By Levy, Alphonse J. – Black women selling bananas at the market

By François Balthazar Solvyns – Urdhvabahu or ‘raised arm’ baba’s

By Gérôme, J. L. – Woman of sabers

By Gauguin – Head of a black girl

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Sketch of ‘Pretty Fathma’

By Boucher – Pasha in his harem

By Dinet, Etienne – Moorish woman with her hand on chest

By Delacroix – Camp in Morocco, near Tangier and Meknes

By Guillaumet, G.A.- Camp in Algiers

By Bonte, J. – Smoker at Indochina

By G.T. Vigne – Sikh appointees

By Klee – Scene in Kairouan (Kirwan or al-Qayrawan) Tunisia

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Saints’ day. Luke

By Van der Goes, Hugo – Kneeling figure of St. Luke, while he writes in front the ox

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Plants, trees, botanical and still life

By Léger – Still life

By Botero – Still life

By Dürer – Blue lily

By Seurat – Poplars

By Stella, Joseph – Lotus plant

By Ensor, James – Composition with porcelain pieces

By Cézanne – Grove vaulted

By Buffet – Still life with cookware

By Balthus – Study of flowers

By Derain – Still life with bottle and jugs

By del Castillo, Antonio – Scrub and trees

By Cesariano, Cesare – Composition with three receptacles

By Manet – Bouquet with iris, laburnum and geranium

By Gainsborough – Tree study

By Rubens – Woman holding a coronet of laurel

By Mantegna, Andrea – Orange tree in a vessel

By Rousseau, Théodore – Bunch of trees

By Ruskin, John – Oxalis

By Morandi – Still life

By John, Gwendolen Mary – Still life with white jug

By Demuth, Charles – Still life

By Pissarro – Apple trees in a landscape

By Dufy, Raoul – Several plants and flowers

By Cézanne – Fruits

By Bonnard, P. – Still life with flowers in a pitcher

By Redon – Fancy composition with big begonia

By Balthus – Still life

By Matisse – Composition on magnolias

By Lorrain – Foliage

By Friedrich – An oaktree

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Saints’ day. Teresa of Jesus

By Murillo – Ecstasy of St Teresa of Jesus (and Ávila)


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By Derain – Feast in countryside

By Goya – Men admiring a woman of a fair in Bordeaux

By Van Ostade, A. – Scene in the tavern

By Picasso – Young holding a smoking pipe

By Picabia – Girl looking at a picture in her hands

By Hopper – Night scene with some people in a cafe

By Denis, Maurice – Two women playing tennis by couple

By Goncharova, Natalia S. – The cafe

By Duchamp, Marcel – Sketch for ‘Chess players’

By Pissarro – Figures in countryside

By Balthus – Domestic scene

By Kirchner – Two girls with bows in the wood

By Malevich – In the bath

By Manet – Study for Le déjeuner sur l’herbe. The Luncheon on the Grass

By Fantin Latour – Five men around a table in a tavern

By Matisse – Two recumbent odalisques beside a checkerboard

By Gauguin – Women sitting in tahitian landscape. Noa

By Gordillo, Luis – Sketch for the serie of ‘Smokers’

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Two women sitting in cafe

By Kuniyoshi, Ichiyusai – Men drinking sake at the stall of a street seller

By Carracci – Three men, one holding a big marble

By Daumier – Study of two men ‘Parade’

By Rembrandt – A man playing cards

By Boccioni – Concert in Milan

By Fuseli – Figures of recumbent women and a head of a man

By Hogarth – People in a tavern scene

By Klee – A woman and a man playing backgammon

By Guercino – Male bather

By Tiepolo – Three studies of male figures

By Murillo – Standing male figure

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