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Dogs, cats and pets

By Barocci, Federico – Loin a puppy dog

By Delacroix – Study of cats

By Baron, Bernard (After Titian) – Head of a dog

By Frank, Franz – Cat

By Van Vliet – Unknown title

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Miss Margouin

By Baldung, Hans – Naked man with a falcon

By Picasso – Seated woman and monkey

By Holbein, Hans the Younger – Edward Prince of Wales with monkey

By Rego, Paula – Two girls and a dog

By Toyohiro – Two women and a dog

By Larionov – Lying woman and her pet

By Goya – Man holding a snake

By Hockney – ‘Stanley’ life size by his master

By Léger – Man with Dog

By Haring – Barking dog

By Boucher – Study of two male figures and a dog

By Dürer – A greyhound

By Anonymous of 17th-century – Girl with small dog in her lap

By a french master of 15th century – Three ladies

By Steinlen – Black cat sitting licking the paw

By Da Udine – Studies of parrots and mantis

By Da Vinci – Dog’s paw

By Bonnard – The cat

By Murillo – Boy with dog

By Matisse – Girl with a cat

By Balthus – Girl caressing a cat

By Kokoschka – Depiction of a hunter with his dog and shotgun

By Thomas, Matilda – Dog fighting

By Teniers, David – Cat Concerto

By Rego, Paula – Depiction of a girl with a billy-goat

By Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri – Bird

By Beuys – ‘The woman with the dog’

By myself – Boxer thinking


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Music players

By Cranach, Hans – Man playing lute and manuscripts

By Rubens – Angel blowing a trumpet

By Carracci – Composition in low angle of a violinist

By Picasso – Seated woman playing music beside a man and other seated figure in background

By Malevich – Depiction of a naked violinist and trees to a portrait of Roslaviv

By Lancret – Seated man playing the flute

By Klee – Pianist in trouble. Caricature of modern music

By Rembrandt – The street musician

By Baudry, Paul – Depiction of a naked flying violinist

By Longhi, Pietro – Lute player

By Pintoricchio (Attributed) – Seated young flutist

By Dufy – Musicians, one playing piano

By Lorrain, Claude – Satyr, girl playing the pan pipe, and goats

By Parrocel – Drummer on horseback in front of other riders

By Renoir – Miss Lerolle at the piano

By Cocteau – Mandolinist smoking

By Perugino – A violinist

By Guercino – Teachers of music

By Dürer – Winged man in idealistic clothing playing a lute

By Piot, Rene – Three half-naked women seated, both play a musical instrument

By Dali – Composition with musicians

By Bashkirtseff, Maria Konstantinovna – Flutist

By Baldung, Hans – Cherubs making music

By Romanino, Girolamo – A country concert

By Barlach – Sketch for ‘The Pied Piper’

By Da Trento, Antonio (after Parmigianino) – The lute player

By Verkolje – Woman and man playing music in a garden among dogs

By Delacroix (after Veronese) – Angel with lute and other studies

By Bramer – Musicians in an interior with pets

By Watteau – Two flutists and head of a boy

By Fantin Latour – An oriental woman surrounded by a musician and a servant

By Carracci – Man holding a lyre among crowd in a harbour

By Murer, Josias – Orpheus charming the animals

By Morazzone – Angels playing music

By Van Gogh – Mademoiselle Gachet at the piano

By Naldini – Three nude young men, one seated playing a flute

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Death and illness

By Urgell, Modest – The funeral

By Della Bella – The death’s triumph

By Munch – The mother dead in bed

By Cozens, Alexander – The top of a hill with a cross among a plant

By David – Marie Antoinette on the way to the guillotine

By Lomazzo – The hangman

By Greuze – Girl looking at a dead pigeon

By Duverger, Théophile E. – Woman kneeling in prayer in cemetery

By Picasso – Mother with dead son. Sketch for ‘Gernika’

By Beham, Barthel – Study of three skulls

By Arcimboldo (Attributed) – The Death that enter in a house

By David-Nillet, Germain – Visiting the sick

By Zoppo, Marco (Attributed) – Ancient tombs

By Barlach, Ernst – From a modern dance of death

By Lorrain – Ruin landscape with the funeral of the holy Serapia through the holy Sabina on the Aventin

By Beardsley – Ominous scene

By Rodin – Studies after Andrea Riccio’s bronze relief ‘The illness of Girolamo della Torre’

By Bellini, Jacopo – Tomb of a prince

By Botticelli – Hell

By Pinelli – Dance of death

By Giacometti – Tomb of the Medici in San Lorenzo, Florence

By Niklaus Manuel – Allegory of Death

By Blake – The House of Death

By Michelangelo – Designs for tombs

By Bramer, Leonaert – Francisco de Quevedo and the skeletons of Juan del Encina and King Perico

By Da Vinci – Skull

By Baldung, Hans – The death

By Testa – The death of Sinorige (from The Book of the Courtier. Italy 16th century)

By Fantin Latour – Man in bed

By myself – Buildings of a cemetery

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Boats, ships, sea, beach, shore and rivers

By Feininger – In the Baltic sea

By Boudin – Scene from Trouville

By Signac – ‘Le Trieux’ (Bretagne, France)

By Magritte R. – The lame ‘Fish-man’

By Roullet, Gaston – A gondola in Venice

By Monet – View of Rouen

By Turner – Burning ship

By Dufy – Shore

By Stanley, O. – The ‘Beagle’ of Darwin at Sidney

By Corot – Lad looking at the sea

By Friedrich – Beach and cliffs in the Rügen isle in the Baltic Sea

By Whistler – Hastings

By Matisse – Fishing boats

By Girtin – The hull of a ship with a barge and smaller boats

By Algardi – Ornament’s project for a prow galley

By Cross, Henry Edmond – Marine in St. Clair

By Lowry – The Tyne ferry

By Renoir – View of the sea with houses and church

By Canaletto – View of the Canal of Murano with the church of ‘San Pietro Martire’

By Lorrain – Tree and rocks near a stream

By Vernier, Emile L. – Boat aground

By Feininger – Golden Sunrise

By Cotman – On the Thames

By Boudin – Figures on the beach

By Corinth, Lovis – Island Paradise. A man with a cigar on the beach

By Zorn – In the harbour of Algiers

By Friedrich – From a sailing ship

By Manet – Boulogne-sur-Mer. France

By Signac – Suspension bridge in ‘Les Andelys’ in France

By Boudin – Sailing boats near the coast

By Dufy – Regattas at Deauville

By Jan Luyken – Unknown title

By Altdorfer – A shipping ‘Cog’

By Van de Velde – Marine

By Monet – Sketch of two women in a rowboat on the Epte

By Dubois, Guillam – River landscape

By Van Goyen – On the bank

By Dix, Otto – Departure of Hamburg

By Cox, David – The jetty. Calais

By myself – Man sitting next to an umbrella on the beach

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Angels, putti and cherubs

By Carracci – A winged putto holding a garland

By Guercino – Two angels

By Bernini – Study of a kneeling angel

By Raphael – An angel and a guard for ‘The Resurrection’

By Zuccaro (after Titian) – Two infant angels on clouds bearing a cross

By Tintoretto – Angel flying

By Pontormo – Sketch of angel to ‘The holy family with saints’

By Warhol – Angel

By Parmigianino – Three studies of putti

By Anonymous of 19th century – Wing

By Schongauer – Angel of the Annunciation

By Reni – Angel flying

By Bloemaert – The head of a putto looking down his head on his hands

By Dürer – Head of an angel

By Errard, Charles – Seated angel

By unknown author of 17th century – Walking angel

By Le Sueur – Study of a flying angel

By Degas (after Luca Signorelli) – Flying angel

By Carracci – Study of an angel

By Raphael – Flying cupid

By Guercino – Two cherubs holding a tapestry with a design of musician playing the lute

By Rembrandt – Angel appearing to Hagar

By Prud’hon, Pierre-Paul – Study for ‘The Dream of Happiness’ (Love taking oars)

By Verrocchio – Head of an angel

By Grunewald – Kneeling king with two angels

By Parmigianino – Nude figure among foliage holding a globe and two putti

By Lanfranco – Angel seated in attitude of adoration

By myself – Sculpture of an angel in a cemetery

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War, battles, political, fights and violence

By Kollwitz, Käthe – Never again war!

By Grosz – Brawl and dispute at gaming-table

By Poussin – Massacre of innocents

By Picasso – Sketch to Gernika

By Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin – Drawing for the painting ‘Death of commissioner’

By Perugino, Pietro – A man in armour

By Goya. The Prisoners in chains

By Toshikata – Tanaka Ishimatsu in moonlight

By Da Vinci – Head of a warrior

By Nash, Paul – Bomber in the corn

By Savery – Three polish soldiers

By Basawan – Akbar controls Rewarded Hawa

By Munz, Wilhelm – After December, 12th, 1944 at Ulm

By Altobello, Melone – Asleep soldier

By Raphael – Four soldiers

By Seurat – Seated soldier and others studies

By Masson – Slaughter

By Pontormo – Study for ‘The Deluge’

By Popova – Project of theatrical military parade for the Congress of Third International. 1921

By Dix, Otto – Evening at Wijtchaete

By Poussin – Combat of naked soldiers with helmets

By Lichtenstein – Depiction of explosions

By Da Vinci – Tank

By David – Roman’s cuirass

By Altdorfer – Mercenary foot soldier

By Nguyen Thu – Soldiers talking to a group of artists and writers

By Tintoretto – Study for a figure in the battle of Legnano

By Moore – Shelterers in the tube

By Picasso – Boers cartoons and other sketches

By Wagner, Eduard – Military weapons

By Delacroix – Study for ‘The war coffer’

By Goya – Preparatory drawing for plate. Unknown title

By Genelli – The panther’s hunting

By Watteau – Soldiers with tambours

By Urgell, Modest – Smoky building during the ‘Semana tràgica’ (‘Tragic week’)

By Jaquemart de Jesdin (14th century) – Depiction of a horseback knights duel

By Le Brun – Battle of Arbela

By Géricault – Sketch for ‘The Raft of Medusa’

By Dürer – Landsknecht seen from back

By Picasso – Bullfighting scene

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Tourist and transport

By Stella, Joseph – The Vesuvius

By Hockney – Nick and Henry are traveling

By Cox, David – The seafront at Blackpool

By Lowry – A Lancashire’s lane

By T.F. Simon – Venice

By Kokoschka – Houses of Parliament

By Derain – The Old Bridge at Cagnes, France

By Le Corbusier – The Parthenon and the Propylaea in Athens

By Marquet – Oasis

By Giacometti – Hotel room

By Lear, Edward – The memorial temple of Pharaoh Ramesses in Thebes

By Settegast – Amalfi’s open-air market

By Corot – The Naples gulf with the Mount Vesuvius in background

By Chagall – Jerusalem

By Vernier, Emile L. – Buildings in Almeria, Spain

By Breenbergh – Ruins of the city walls, near Porta St Paolo in Rome

By Robert – The Arch of Gallienus, Porta Esquilina. Rome

By Ingres – View of Tivoli in Rome

By Turner – Rome from the Vatican

By Dinet, Etienne – Terrace at Laghouat

By T.F. Simon – Honolulu

By G. T. Vigne – En Route, Trebizond to Persia

By Le Corbusier – ‘Super Constellation’. Scheme plane

By La Neziere, J. David de – The ‘Dog-Man Gate’ in Beijing, China

By Bejot, Eugene – View from the banks of the Seine near the Louvre and the Pont-Royal

By Canaletto – The Grand Canal seen from Rialto toward the north

By Signac – The green sailboat in the port of St. Tropez

By Fricero – View towards the Bay of Angels from the island of St. Helene

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By Watteau – Reclining bacchante holding a glass

By Léger – Divers

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Woman smoking

By Balla – Study for ‘Girl running on a balcony’

By Daumier – Three boxers. One of these standing while the others are fighting in background

By Picasso – Bathers with ball.

By Duchamp, Marcel – Sundays

By Goya – The Swing

By Balthus – Asleep girl with arms crossed

By Munch – Christiania bohemians

By Bruegel the Elder – The hare hunt

By Nolde – ‘Tingel, tangel’

By Cézanne – Group on a scull

By Ali She Nawat – The prince Bahram-i-Gor dressed in blue listen to the tale of the Princess of the Blue Pavilion

By Fragonard – Man sitting in armchair

By Lichtenstein – Aircraft pilot talking

By Dufy – Dinner gala

By Friedrich – Study of a seated woman and a scythe

By Moore – Reclining figure

By Ingres – Study for ‘The turkish bath’

By Fantin Latour – Men seated in a tavern

By Rembrandt – Sleeping girl

By Seurat – Study of a boy for ‘A Swim’

By Tiepolo – Cortege of a wedding with punches

By Duchamp, Marcel – Study for the chess match

By Eisen – Geisha and the autumn moon at Shinfuji

By Millet – Two sleeping figures

By Kandinsky – Figures and child in a landscape

By Bacon – Figure in a landscape

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Three acrobats at the circus

By anonymous venetian master – Seated boy; boy holding sling, and standing the third

By Bonnard – Sketch for ‘The bowl of milk’

By Piranesi – Studies of four figures

By Balthus – Unknown title

By Renoir – Sitting woman on a chair

By Solana, J. G. – Drinking masks

By Matisse – Woman in armchair

By Courbet – Sitting man

By Goya – Crowd in a park

By Sickert – Study for ‘The Ice Wardrobe’

By Meissonier, Ernest – Young smoker by the window

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Sleeping woman

By Daumier – The art collector

By myself – Girl playing with sand on the beach


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In the farm

By Dufy – Farmyard in Lestelle. France

By Arcimboldo – Farm woman going to market

By Gauguin – Sketches with cows, sheep and breton farmers

By Monet – Study of ducks

By Wu Changshuo – Cock

By Gainsborough – Study of a cow in a landscape

By Vernier, Emile L. – Milker mounted sideways on a mule

By Puvis de Chavannes – Goat in profile to right

By Nolde – March landscape with farm and haystack

By Kirchner – Farmer and girl in the forest

By Picasso – Pigs

By Sisley – A Countryside woman is carrying a bundle on her back

By Tiepolo, G. B. – Farm buildings

By Simberg, Hugo – A farmer standing

By Fragonard – White bull and dog in a stall

By Steinlen – Girl working in the farm

By Le Corbusier – Chandigarh. Sketch of cattle and constructive ways vernacular

By Unknown author of 18th century – Fighting in a farm

By Veyrassat, Jules J. – The brand of sheep

By Zao Wou-Ki – Cock

By Angrand, Charles T. – Cows

By Van Gogh – Drawing sketches of hen and a cock

By Genelli – Countryside scene

By Pissarro – Farmers in the hay

By Cesare da Sesto – Study of a bull

By Anonymous – Mouse lying

By Vernier, Emile L. – Three cows in a field

By Jacque, Charles É.- Study of turkeys

By Tavella, Carlo A.- Farm Scene in a landscape

By Bonnard – Rooster

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