Below own work

Study of giraffe at the zoo

Elephant at the zoo

Study of giraffe at the zoo

Resting seal at the zoo

African bison at the zoo

Studies of cats

Study of cat


Horse beside the fence

Walking sheep

Studies of pigeons

Studies of three pigeons

Lamb in profile

Lion at the zoo

Little panther at the zoo

Standing swan

Standing sheep

Sheep, back view

Sheep’s head

Tiger at the zoo

Laying down ‘Tusa’ the pointer from behind

Laying down ‘Tusa’ the pointer (whole view)

Laying down ‘Tusa’ the pointer

Laying down head of ‘Tusa’ the pointer

Some studies of ducks

Duck swimming

Seated setter from behind

Standing setter from behind

Laying down setter

Alsatian Dog

Black pony

Bright hair pony

Donkey’s head eating

Two ponies

A pony


43 responses to “Animals

  1. Wonderful quick studies. I find it really hard to capture something quickly when it keeps moving so I totally admire your ability to do it well ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I like your fluid lines. Your animal masses are real and weighty. There’s a natural free expression alive in your forms. Keep going it only gets better and better. Take it from one who seeks constant improvement from herself (who doesn’t really). I’m a fellow artist/writer. I hope to place many of my pieces on my blog within the next few weeks. I’ll have one section on wildlife because animals are such wonderfully powerful subjects aren’t they!
    new blogger hiking around blogworld in search of other artsy places


  3. Mike

    The donkeys head is a masterpiece , so perfectly expressed with so few marks. You could have laboured in oils for weeks & not made such a complete drawing.


    • Hi Mike, your comment bring me the gladness of the day. You really realized what it happened when I made this sketch. Your sensitivity comforts me but I’m often practicing a kind of drawing that compel to ‘combing’ a lot of lines like a chaos, also these could be motivated by calligraphic marks, these that bring me to study the topic ‘letters, diaries and manuscripts’ on this blog. Certainly I’m a slave of the speediness and when I painted works with oil colours I enjoy due to the pasty feature brushstroke but I think all the procedure it is too slow for my inquietude when I compare this with a simple pencil, although the graphite is for me too much fast and I prefer with some component of wax.
      I want to remark my gratitude for your expert and great comment. Have a nice day or night. Thanks a lot!


  4. Wonderful work! I love your sketches!


  5. Your lines are so expressive- with just a few you seem to capture the motion and posture so beautifully. A pleasure to view. I will be following.

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  6. Like Your way to paint quickly and easily. My favourite is “Donkeyโ€™s head eating”… Have a wonderful day! Nessy from the

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  7. Your sketches are beautiful, it’s such a wonderful talent to have. I particularly like your sketch of the Lion at the Zoo and the cat studies. I studied art 20 years ago but didn’t continue with it – seeing your drawings makes me want to dig out my pencils again!

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    • Hi dear Jem! My first job was in an important dealer of buttons, then I knew a lot of seamstresses, and today I’m glad to see a picture of this goods in your blog because now I can see more colours about the nacre ones, than I knew. I have worked all my life and also now with companions women. And my conclusion is that the make up, the sewing, the cooking, etc is the best way to have a full skills on the world of the colour, so the talent is in you too and you can make your personal and unique works of art as I saw in your interesting site. My congrats!

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    • Today I’ll be glad to have woken up the spark of to sketch in a follower. This is the real essence of this site. I have a little tip for you. You could to write a paragraph of press, this is so good, to recover the ability to move the pen or the pencil, don’t matter the tool, and when you finished, you must to waste a while making abstract scribbles and doodles. Don’t worry if you don’t like the results. After that exercises you can face to a motif alive or from imagination, always reminding that you must to move the pencil with the same security as you did when you had writing. Thanks for your comment and good work Jem! โค

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      • Thanks for the tip. I do often find myself absentmindedly doodling when I am on the phone or during a meeting, just patterns mainly. A few months ago I bought ‘642 things to draw’ with the intention of doing a sketch a day, so far I have sketched a rolling pin and a hammock ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s time to dust it off and get drawing again!

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      • Listen Jem, I would be worried if a pupil only draws after this book, I browsed the net and I see is similar that the books I had when I was a child, when I hated the drawing lesson. This way to teach is braking the free, fresh and spontaneous lines and strokes, that people can do like when people writes.
        Please, you have a hundred of things around you to draw. If you want I could give my email address and if you scan or photograph some sketch and you send it to me I can guide you without compromise.
        I’m sorry because the english is not my mother language. Thanks so much for your reply. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • I see what you are saying, to draw from life is the only way to truly observe and capture the essence of a subject. Thank you for your kind offer of guidance, depending on how I get on I may take you up on that ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you. And your english is very good – I admire anyone that can speak and write in another language!


      • Thanks so much for your words, but Google Translator is often helping me, my mother tongue is the spanish and now I’m sending greetings to you from Barcelona, I remain for any thing you could need. Thanks again for your friendly reply. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ’™

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  8. nice drawings! beautiful style


  9. I like your animal pics. First of all I like to thank you that you follow my Web Magazine sl4lifestyle. You are a very welcome follower. Please tell me what you like so much on my Blog that you decided to follow me. I would be very pleased to get your answer because I am always interested in the opinion of my readers.
    Have a good week. With greetings from Germany.

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  10. You’re amazing! More!!!


  11. These are so cool!!! Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

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