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By Picasso – Circus artist nursing her child

By Kollwitz, Kathe – Head of a child in the hands of the mother

By Cassatt, Mary – Mother and child

By Daumier – Woman with child walking

By Della Bella – Resting mother and child and two men, one lifting basket

By Seurat – Nurse with a child’s carriage

By Dix – The pregnant half naked

By T.F. Šimon – Unknown title

By Valadon, Suzanne – Woman drying the feet of an standing lad

By Zorn, Anders – The bath of a woman with child

By Haring – Fertility suite. (Pregnant women dancing)

By Chagall – A woman holding a child and other figures walking

By Puvis de Chavannes – Woman and child squatting

By Friedrich, Caspar David – Woman and daughter

By Rembrandt – Woman and child

By Schiele – Mother and child

By Besnard – Woman and child among easel and portfolio

By Van Gogh – Sketch of a woman with a baby in her lap

By Millet – Woman with child walking

By Greuze – Woman with a child on her knees

By Barlach, Ernst – Mother with baby and boy

By Picasso – Mother and child caressing her face

By Fantin Latour – Two women standing, holding hands a child

By Moore – Mother and child seen from behind

By Zuccaro – A mother and a child

By Cassatt, Mary – Maternity

By Anonymous – Woman holding a child

By Dürer – Unknown title

By West, Benjamin – Maternity

By Bega, Cornelius – Unknown title

By myself – Mother and child with hat and towel in the beach

By myself – A woman beside a stroller


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Horses, riders, carts and donkeys

By Seurat – Horse grazing

By Castiglione – Riders resting under a tree

By Marini – Il cavaliere (The rider)

By Picasso – Transport and horses

By Anonymous in a egyptian miniature of the 15th century – Anatomy of a horse

By Le Corbusier – Sketch of an ass

By Cox, David – Head and shoulders of a horse

By Redon – Male figure looking to the sky beside a horse

By Daubigny – Riverside landscape with rider

By Della Bella, Stefano – Horse

By David – Head of a horse

By Lorrain, Claude – Drawing of mules, including one full length

By Parrocel – Cavaliers in profile

By Carracci – Figures with horses

By Van Gogh – Carriage with white donkey

By Botero – Woman and horse

By Vernier, Emile L.- Horse in profile to right eating

By Da Vinci – Drawing of an equestrian monument

By Kustodiev, Boris – Christmas scene in the street

By Botticelli – Horses and Spectators. Fragment of an Adoration of the Kings

By Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin – Riding boy, for the ‘Bathing of the Red Horse’

By Valtat, Louis – Horse with winkers

By Bellini, Jacopo – Ross and rider

By Gainsborough – A cottage, cart and horsemen in the countryside

By Kokoschka – Woman with hat on horseback

By Pontormo – Study of horsemen and a part of the same horse

By Mourlot – A horse

By Anonymous of 17th century – Studies of horses in a landscape

By Pisanello – Head of a horse in profile

By Dufy – People and horses

By Baldung, Hans – Four fighting stallions

By Anonymous of russian school of 19th century

By Palma the Younger – Two rearing horses

By Degas – Four jockeys on horseback

By Dürer – Knight escorted by his dog

By Anonymous – A horse’s head

By Géricault – An artilleryman leading his horses

By Carpeaux – Study of a rider seen from rear

By Constable – View of a rider on a path of East Bergholt

By Da Vinci – Project drawing for an equestrian statue with rearing horse

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By Bosch, Hieronymus – Self-portrait

By Carracci, Annibale – Self-portrait

By Van Gogh – Self-portrait

By Lichtenstein – Self-portrait

By Kahlo, Frida – Self-portrait

By Kokoschka – Self-portrait

By Courbet, Gustave – Self-Portrait

By Titian – Self-portrait

By Klee, Paul – Self-portrait

By Fuseli, John Henry – Self-portrait

By Matisse – Self-portrait

By Calder, Alexander – Self-portrait

By Baldung, Hans – Self-portrait

By Friedrich – Self-portrait

By Kollwitz, Käthe – Self-portrait

By Ruskin, John – Self-portrait

By Van Dyck, Anthony – Self-portrait

By González, Juli – Self-portrait

By Léger – Self-portrait

By Schulz, Bruno – Self-portrait

By Zorn, Anders – Self-portrait

By Picasso – Self-portrait

By Fantin Latour – Self-portrait

By Hartung, Hans – Self-portrait

By Kline, Franz – Self-portrait

By Boccioni, Umberto – Self-portrait

By Chagall – Me

By Dix, Otto – Self-portrait

By Corinth, Lovis – Self-portrait

By Bernini, Giovanni Lorenzo – Self-portrait

By Cézanne – Self-portrait

By Ingres – Self-Portrait

By Maclise, Daniel – Self-portrait

By Avery, Milton – Self-portrait

By Turner, Joseph Mallord William – Self-portrait

By Bacon, Francis – Self-portrait

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Saints’ day. Joseph

By Barocci, Federico – Saint Joseph

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Letters, diaries and manuscripts

By Chagall, Marc – Unknown title (1969)

By Van Gogh – Sketch of the Drenthe in a letter (October 1883)

By Manet – Sketch of flowers in the left margin of a letter

By Dürer, Albrecht – Dream vision landscape with handwriting text

By Urgell, Modest – Letter beautified with sketches

By Giacometti, Alberto – Handwritten text over sketches of figures

By Hopper, Edward – Unknown title

By anonymous iraqi author in a miniature of 14th century – The Archangel Israfil sounds the Last Judgment

By Hokusai, Katsushika – Self-portrait at the age of eighty three

By Kahlo, Frida – Diary pages

By Rossi, Aldo – Drawings of espresso coffee machines

By Delacroix, Eugène – Sketchpad from Maroc

By Van Gogh – View from the Vincent’s windows

By Matisse, Henri – Christmas card with flowers header

By Villard de Honnecourt (13th century) – Unknown title

By Corinth, Lovis – Decorative sketches on their initials

By Manet – Venetian lanterns’ sketch, heading a letter

By Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri – Sketch of a woman with kitchen notes

By anonymous of 11th century – Flowery letter

By Cocteau, Jean – A figure in profile in the background of a text

By David, Jacques-Louis – Unknown title

By Chagall, Marc – Unknown title (1968)

By Urgell, Modest (Pen name as ‘Katuful’) – ‘The little gipsy’ (‘La gitaneta’) Drawing to beautify a letter

By Steinlen, Théophile – Sketch of a flower with handwriting at the bottom

By Van Gogh – Plowing and sowing. Sketch in a letter (September 1881)

By Manet – Letter with two sketches of a woman’s head

By Matta, Roberto – Unknown title

By Magritte, René - Sketch with words by his wife Georgette

By Magritte, René – Sketch with words by his wife Georgette

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By El Greco (after Michelangelo) – ‘The Day’ (On allegorical depictions of Night as a woman and Day as a man)

By Klimt – The Philosophy

By Carracci – Abundance and Plenty

By Jordaens – Allegory of Fertility

By Tiepolo – The Time and The Truth

By Veronese – The Victory allegory

By Anonymous (Italy, 17th century) – Supporting between the Youth and the Old Age

By Zoppo, Marco – Allegory of Fortune

By Munch – Allegory on Ages of Woman

By Delacroix – Head of Liberty

By Bernini – Thought for the statue of Truth

By Sargent, John Singer – Sketches to The Science

By Besnard, Albert – Allegorical composition about Justice

By Pisanello – The Luxury

By Klimt – ‘Nuda Veritas’

By Raphael – Allegorical Vision of a Knight

By Ingres – Female nude for the allegorical figure of France

By Fuseli – Paraphrase about Michelangelo

By Rowlandson – ‘Four generations’

By Bramer – Money combats the World, the Flesh, and the Devil

By Botticelli – The Abundance

By Volterrano – The Truth illuminating Human Blindness

By Picabia – The Woman of Love

By Pordenone – The embodiment of Time

By Munch – Spider’s web

By Masson, Benedict – Allegory ‘Poor Painting! ‘

By Bronzino – The Truth and the Justice

By Klimt – The Tragedy

By Chasseriau – The invention of the drawing

By Le Brun – Two heads of men and boars

By Salviati – The Spring

By Villard de Honnecourt – Allegory of Church Triumphant

By Tiepolo – Unknown title

By Mantegna, Andrea – Three deities

By Veronese – Allegoric female figure

By Castillo – Friendship (Amistad)

By Klimt – Study for ‘The Expectation’ from the Stoclet Frieze

By Warhol – The Philosophy

By Puvis de Chavannes – An allegory of ‘The Sorbonne’

By Kalho, Frida – Allegorical vision of Frida and The Abortion

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Hands, arms, legs and feet

By Zorn, Anders – Hand

By Barocci – Biceps of an arm

By Carracci – Study of legs

By Da Sesto, Cesare – Studies of feet

By Van Gogh – Study of hands for ‘The eaters of potatoes’

By Barocci – Leg, foot and studies of drapery

By Bloemaert, Abraham – Studies of arms and legs

By Van Ceulen, Cornelis J. – Study of a woman’s hands

By Michelangelo – Studies for putto of the Libyan Sibyl, hand of the Libyan Sibyl, six slaves and architectural detail for the tomb of Julius II

By Bordone, Paris (attributed) – A left foot

By Passerotti – Study of hands

By Niessen, John – Three feet from a plaster model

By Da Vinci – Studies of legs and skeletons

By Grünewald – Study of arms

By Raphael – Study for ‘Diogenes at the Athens School’

By Rubens – Anatomical studies of leg

By Longhi – Unknown title

By Petrov-Vodkin, Kuzma S.- Hand

By Raphael – Study of the leg of an standing man and the drapery of a kneeling figure

By Dix, Otto – Study of hands of different ages

By Anonymous – Left foot of a figure lying on her back

By Barocci – Praying hands and a hand holding a wand

By Michelangelo – Anatomical study of legs

By Watteau – Hands and feet

By Kollwitz, Käthe – Studies of hands

By Anonymous – Left leg of a naked man

By Dürer – Hands and sleeve

By Barocci – Studies of arm and hand holding a staff

By Courbet, Gustave – Study of a hand and thistle plants

By Da Vinci – Studies of the arm showing the movements made by biceps

By Holbein the Younger – Study of hands

By Anonymous – Six feet

By David, Gerard – Studies of hands

By Bassano Jacopo – Study of praying hands

By Léger – The hands

By Barocci – Studies of the back of a left leg

By Buffet – Sketch of a hand for ‘The Songs of Maldoror’

By Lichtenstein – Measurement of a foot

By Le Corbusier – The open hand

By myself – Study from a foot modeled in plaster

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Dance, performance and theatre

By Rodin, Auguste – Cambodian ‘Khmer’ dancers

By Picasso – Mountebanks with a monkey

By Rego, Paula – Study for ‘The Rehearsal’

By Degas – Two dancers resting

By Bantzer, Carl – Dancing couples

By Da Caravaggio, Polidoro – Young men dancing around a woman

By Watteau – Dancing farmer

By Bosch, Hieronymus – Drollery with beehive

By Elsheimer, Adam – Eight dancing naked nymphs

By Degas – Dancers doing gymnastics

By Campagnola – Dancing children

By Grosz – ‘The White Shoes’

By Kirchner – At the show

By Beardsley – The Stomach Dance

By Gillot – Four ‘Commedia dell’Arte’ figures.Three gentlemen and pierrot

By Rego, Paula – A drawing for ‘The Dance’. Depiction of seven women dancing in a circle

By Delaunay, Sonia – Costume design for dancer

By Goya – Two dancing old friends

By Neziere, J. David – Thai dancers in Bangkok

By Seurat – Ballerina with white hat

By Gris – Seated harlequin

By Von Schadow, Wilhelm – The Muse of The Dramatic Art

By Longhi, Pietro – Young asking for a dance and studies of hands

By Della Bella – Female Dancer in an exotic costume raising her arms

By Picasso – Dancers

By Kuniyoshi – A kabuki actor plays a ghost

By Matisse – Three masks

By Tonks, Henry – Seated nude girl wearing ballet shoes

By Degas – Russian woman dancing

By Low, William – An irish flute player dancing a jig

By anonymous – A dance scene

By anonymous author of Andrea Mantegna’s workshop – Dancing muse

By Beuys – Actress

By Rego, Paula – A drawing for ‘The Dance’. Depiction of people dancing under two flags

By Klimt – Study for ‘The Dancer’

By Degas – A ballerina

By Avercamp, Hendrick – Masked lady

By Picasso – Bunch of actor’s

By Nijinsky, Vaslav – The Dance and the Abstract Truth

By myself – Studies of ballerina

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