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Encouraging Woman in Chicago

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Chicago: 550 murders a year. This change was much needed.

Dear black and lesbian Mayor, congratulations!

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Sketch of Lori Lightfoot, the new Mayor of Chicago


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An artist woman at museum

By Lloyd Wright, Frank – A Guggenheim’s view


Hi folks, as you already know, Art can be also a complaint. And now is time for the great photographer’s performance by Nan Goldin, that happened a few days ago at Guggenheim Museum.

Here us the matter: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/feb/10/anti-opioid-protesters-target-new-yorks-guggenheim-over-sackler-family-link

Nan Goldin

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🎬🚀Clothes for the space odyssey

Hi folks! Yesterday I saw an important exhibition in Barcelona: a tribute to the great Stanley Kubrick. These sketches were to design some garments in “2001 A space odyssey” film.

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By Amies, H. – White dress for a scientist woman

By Amies, H. – Outfit for a scientist woman

By Amies, H. – Ocher outfit for a scientist woman

By Amies, H. – Detail of ocher stockings



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💞 Young heart forever !

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By Goya – Old woman in front of a mirror


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Lovely greyhounds

By Schiele, E. – Woman with a greyhound


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Anonymous artist in Paris

Graffiti seen at Place des Vosges (Paris), last April, 1st. Close of Victor Hugo’s Home Museum.

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By anonymous artist – Portrait of a woman


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Death and illness – Beginning with an eye

By Munch – The artist’s injured eye and a figure of a bird’s head

By Rops, Félicien – Death sentence

By Grosz, George – The hero

By Cézanne – Skull and book

By Van Gogh – Graveyard

By Kuhn, Erika – Invalid girl

By Goya – The beds of the Death (‘Las camas de la Muerte’)

By Shunsho, Katsukawa – The Death and a woman

By Fuseli, Henry – Siegfried assassinated

By Paris, Matthew – Detail of a drawing about Heraclius taking down the head of Saint Alban

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