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Special sky feature

By Lichtenstein – Depiction of a cloud with the draftsman comment

By Derain – Coast landscape

By Boudin – Study sky with white clouds

By Vlaminck – Landscape

By Urgell, Modest – Fantasy in the sky

By Pissarro – Landscape at Eragny

By O’keeffe, Georgia – Dawn among houses

By Stella, Joseph – Unknown title

By Pechstein – Sun above the village

By Nolde, Emil – Windmills and clouds

By Jongkind – Windmills in Holland

By Balthus – Coastal landscape

By Van Gogh – Cottages with a woman working

By Watteau – Landscape with steeple

By Cox, David – A castle on a hill

By Lorrain – Figures in a woodland

By Dürer – The willow mill

By Constable – Landscape near Petworth

By Marin – Lake George

By Rohlfs – Moonlight

By Cros, H. E. – Moor at the seaside

By Horny, Franz – Mountainous landscape with a knight

By Angrand, Charles – Horizon in landscape

By Hockney – Kilham with the church


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Saints’ day. Anne

By Sacchi, Andrea – Death of St. Anne

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Saints’ day. James

By del Castillo Saavedra, Antonio – St James the Apostle

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By Michelangelo – Torso of a man holding a rod seen from the back

By Allori, Alessandro – Study of a male torso

By de la Fosse, Charles – Study for angel

By Boccioni – Dynamism of muscles

By Carracci – A man holding up an slab

Unknown master of Flemish School. 17th century – Study of a man seen from behind

By Raphael – Five studies of nude male torsos

By Rubens – Crouching man seen from behind

By Bordone, Paris (Attributed) – Study of a male torso

By Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri – The torso of a woman

By Michelangelo – Studies for the Libyan Sibyl in Sixtina Chapel

By Bernini, G. L. – Study on the Laocoön

By Da Vinci – Detailed torso of a man, seen in profile

By Rubens – Anatomical studies

By Carracci – Study of Triton blowing a conch shell

Unknown authorship (second half of 19th century – ‘Belvedere’s Torso’

By Reni, Guido – Study of a male torso with a separate sketch of a raised hand holding a club

By Michelangelo – Previous sketch for Adam in ‘The Creation’ of the Sistine Chapel

By Rubens – Hercules fighting with the nemean lion

By myself – After a statue of ‘Apollonius’ Belvedere’

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Old people

By Caravaggio. Merisi, Michelangelo (Attributed) – Study of a head upturned

By Rembrandt – Old woman with a large headdress

By Chardin – Sketch of a seated man with his hands on a stick

By Draper, Herbert J. – Aerial view of an old man’s head for ‘The Sea Maiden’

By Monet – Old norman woman with cap

By Vanloo – Old man wearing scarf on his head

By Piazzetta – Head of an old cleric

By Di Credi – Head of an old man with a cap

Unknown master (Rome, 16th century) – Old man leaning on a stick

By Da Vinci – Study of an old man in profile

By Goya – Old woman in front of the mirror

By Greuze – Old man lying back (Drawing for ‘The Paralytic’)

By Schongauer, Martin – Old man’s head with curly hair and beard

By Rembrandt – Old man with a bushy beard

By Baldung – Head of an old man. Aerial view

Unknown authorship – Head of an old man with long beard

By Da Vinci – Old men

By Bloemaert, Abraham – Head of an old woman upturned

By del Castillo Saavedra, Antonio – Three heads of old men with beards

By Guercino – Bearded man wearing a beretta

By Carracci – Head of an old man in right side

By Lallemant, Georges – Old man resting his head on right arm

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Saints’ day. Christopher

By Altdorfer, A. – St Christopher

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By Steinlen – The price of love

By Lichtenstein – Face of a frightened girl

By Boccioni – Mental state drawing

By Picabia – Reminding

By Munch – Blossom of pain ‘Quickborn’

By Goya – Gladden

By Pollock – Psychoanalytic drawing

By Dürer – Self-portrait as the ‘Man of Sorrow’

By Chagall – Forwards

By Bruegel the Elder – Pride

By González, J. – Fear

By Daumier – Three men laughing

By Klee – A vain pedagogue

By Le Brun – Expressions of the Passions of the Soul

By Puvis de Chavannes – Study for ‘Hope’

By Redon – The fool. Intuition

By Van Dongen – Anxiety

By Rossetti, D. G. – Silence

By Fuseli, Henry – The slanderer

By Greuze – Melancholy

By Klimt – Strutting woman

By David – The grief of Andromache

By Barlach, E. – Despair and outrage

By Bronzino – Jealousy

By Sickert – The objection

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