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News about abortion and a depiction by Paula Rego’s Art

Hello sisters! Is there a life more important than the own of a woman when she decides that is better to abort ? Don’t forget your right.

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By Rego, Paula – Seated woman (Sketch from ‘Abortion Series’).


Paula Rego in her atelier

🇺🇸  Donald Trump is planning to take action against California over the state’s requirement that insurance companies cover abortions (PUBLISHED FRI, JAN 24 2020 BY CNBC).

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Old playing games

Hi folks! 

I like colours, composition, but also the meaning of this work.

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By XaudarĂł, J. – Woman playing diabolo in a rose garden

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đź’š Kiss with poison

Hi folks!

Graffiti Art also can be useful to reveal the madness from this couple of pimps against the world, specially against european people.

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By anonymous artist – Donald & Boris


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Pets. The intimity companions

Hi folks! Some drawings by Picasso, made during his young stage, are really amazing. As he was so prolific we always have some new sketch to know.

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By Picasso – Lovers and cat



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Brush and pencil. A perfect relationship

Hi folks! In my opinion the merit of this work is in the contrast between these two tecniques.

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By Bonet, P. – Dear shadows


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Gerda & Lili

Hi folks! Sometimes Art can change relationships, as relationships can change Art.

Dont miss this real story.

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By Wegener, Gerda – Self-portrait with her husband Lili.

The film

The book


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Mythical love

Well folks, all these mythicals characters could meet under trees and between flowers.

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By Bayros, F. Von - Scene in a garden. Two nymphs, centaur and cupid

By Bayros, F. Von – Scene in a garden. Two nymphs, centaur and cupid


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