End Of Summer.


Cindy Mangomini

2018 end of summer - Mangomini

Goodbye summer of 2018! You were very hot (and very sweaty). And even though I’m still hoping for a little bit more of you, I’m also ready to embrace autumn (the cosiest season!).

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Where do you find 100 People to sketch?

🎤🎶🎷🎸Music and singing. A good way waiting a new friday. Thanks for your works, Susan💖

Last year I joined the challenge to sketch 100 people in a week, thinking I would never find that many people or that much time. Fiddlesticks! Go have a coffee somewhere or sketch your family/friends for the 100th time. And if it’s raining or you’re pressed for time or tired, turn on your computer or iPhone (it’s obviously already on, right?) Our world abounds with people to sketch. And we people are so very interesting with our funny facial expressions and ethnic characteristics and hats and slouchy postures and hairdos. As a sketch subject, it’s the antithesis of boring.


fountain pen and watercolor in spiral Field Watercolor Journal, 8 X 8″

Here’s a couple examples of my recent “people finds”. This fellow was playing along with the group on stage at the Sebastopol Farmer’s Market, which, if you’re local, is the premier people sketching spot all day every Sunday.



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Two Misc.

🌵Hi beauties ! Sharing Sharon’s Art is a true pleasure. It doesn’t matter the kind of technique. Thank you, dear fellow!💞

Make Art...Magic Happens

It has been a busy week with childcare duties…so a few pieces of art from several years ago. School starts today, so I’ll be back to my regular schedule of making art. Have a wonderful day.

Irish Wolf Hounds are so charming.

A mix of drawing and digital collage.

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Las flores de Mondrian

Hello lovelies! 🌸🌷🌻🌺 This post explains the amazing evolution of a great artist known as a master of abstraction but not enough known as a delicate observer and student of flowers. ¡Enhorabuena, Bárbara! Y … gracias

La Estirga Burlona

4 Piet Mondrian. “Dalia roja”

10 Piet Mondrian. “Crisantemo”

12 Piet Mondrian. “Crisantemo”

3 Piet Mondrian. “Crisantemo”

Entre 1907 al 1910 Mondrian realiza sobre papel, con tintas y acuarelas, una serie de obras con el tema recurrente del crisantemo y alguna que otra dalia, como la primera aquí reproducida. Su  gran sensibilidad queda bien patente por la delicadeza, la limpieza de ejecución y el sutil manejo del color. Quien no conozca esta serie, posiblemente se sorprenda, pero siempre digo que, en la trayectoria de cualquier artista, la simple investigación, el recorrido profesional le lleva en diferentes direcciones hasta encontrar el camino propio: En cualquier caso, encontrarme con estas acuarelas me ha producido la misma satisfacción que cuando pude ver las hermosas acuarelas de Rodin en su Museo de París, porque Mondrian es conocido por sus abstracciones geométricas de los años 1919 a 1944, composiciones no figurativas de formas rectangulares y cuadradas en rojos, amarillos…

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In the name of love

🌈The world is a palette of colors and everyone has their preferences. Live the rainbow!!! Congrats, Claire💐


Somewhere over the rainbow Brighton warms up for Pride 2018 this weekend.

At the bankat the Coffee Shopat the fancy new brasserie (smart casual only people)…at the chartered accountantsat the interior designersat the organic whole foods shopat the libraryThat’s a whole weeks worth of gay propaganda in one day, which hopefully serves as atonement for missing the parade this year!

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Colours and fantasy in the closet

By Donovan, B. – Inner of a wardrobe


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💞 Young heart forever !

Hi folks. Thanks for your visits!!!

By Goya – Old woman in front of a mirror


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