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By Redon, Odilon – Half-length portrait of the artist’s wife

By Ingres – Three sisters posing beside a piano

By Pissarro – Jeanne Pissarro, when she was a lass

By Boccioni, Umberto – The artist’s mom portrayed

By Rouault – A married couple

By T.F. Simon – One of his kids

By Rubens – Portrait of his wife Isabella Brant

By Kustodiev, Boris M. – Mrs. Kustodieva and the daughter Irina seen from rear

By Pissarro – Portrait of the artist’s mother

By Dürer – Portrait of his brother

By Rembrandt – His wife Saskia sitting beside the window

By Fuseli – Portrait of the artist’s wife

By Rego, Paula – Study for the family

By Meckenem – Self-portrait posing with his wife

By Courbet – Portrait of his father

By Greuze – Mistress Greuze lying on a divan with her pet

By Helleu, Paul – Miss Helleu

By Dürer – Portrait of his mother wearing a scarf on her head

By Grosz – Wife and husband walking

By Goya – Javier, the artist’s son

By Gorky, Arshile – His mother Shushan

By Cézanne – Portrait of Mrs. Cézanne

By Fragonard – Portrait of his daughter Rosalie

By Monet – Michel Monet writing

By Ingres – His wife posing with pregnancy

By Schiele – Portrait de Gerta Schiele

By Rembrandt – Titus the artist’s son posing with beret

By Rubens – Albert Rubens

By Picasso – After Renoir’s painting ‘Le menage Sisley’

By Friedrich – His nurse Mutter Heiden

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Old people

By Caravaggio. Merisi, Michelangelo (Attributed) – Study of a head upturned

By Rembrandt – Old woman with a large headdress

By Chardin – Sketch of a seated man with his hands on a stick

By Draper, Herbert J. – Aerial view of an old man’s head for ‘The Sea Maiden’

By Monet – Old norman woman with cap

By Vanloo – Old man wearing scarf on his head

By Piazzetta – Head of an old cleric

By Di Credi – Head of an old man with a cap

Unknown master (Rome, 16th century) – Old man leaning on a stick

By Da Vinci – Study of an old man in profile

By Goya – Old woman in front of the mirror

By Greuze – Old man lying back (Drawing for ‘The Paralytic’)

By Schongauer, Martin – Old man’s head with curly hair and beard

By Rembrandt – Old man with a bushy beard

By Baldung – Head of an old man. Aerial view

Unknown authorship – Head of an old man with long beard

By Da Vinci – Old men

By Bloemaert, Abraham – Head of an old woman upturned

By del Castillo Saavedra, Antonio – Three heads of old men with beards

By Guercino – Bearded man wearing a beretta

By Carracci – Head of an old man in right side

By Lallemant, Georges – Old man resting his head on right arm

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