Dance, performance and theatre

By Rodin, Auguste – Cambodian ‘Khmer’ dancers

By Picasso – Mountebanks with a monkey

By Rego, Paula – Study for ‘The Rehearsal’

By Degas – Two dancers resting

By Bantzer, Carl – Dancing couples

By Da Caravaggio, Polidoro – Young men dancing around a woman

By Watteau – Dancing farmer

By Bosch, Hieronymus – Drollery with beehive

By Elsheimer, Adam – Eight dancing naked nymphs

By Degas – Dancers doing gymnastics

By Campagnola – Dancing children

By Grosz – ‘The White Shoes’

By Kirchner – At the show

By Beardsley – The Stomach Dance

By Gillot – Four ‘Commedia dell’Arte’ figures.Three gentlemen and pierrot

By Rego, Paula – A drawing for ‘The Dance’. Depiction of seven women dancing in a circle

By Delaunay, Sonia – Costume design for dancer

By Goya – Two dancing old friends

By Neziere, J. David – Thai dancers in Bangkok

By Seurat – Ballerina with white hat

By Gris – Seated harlequin

By Von Schadow, Wilhelm – The Muse of The Dramatic Art

By Longhi, Pietro – Young asking for a dance and studies of hands

By Della Bella – Female Dancer in an exotic costume raising her arms

By Picasso – Dancers

By Kuniyoshi – A kabuki actor plays a ghost

By Matisse – Three masks

By Tonks, Henry – Seated nude girl wearing ballet shoes

By Degas – Russian woman dancing

By Low, William – An irish flute player dancing a jig

By anonymous – A dance scene

By anonymous author of Andrea Mantegna’s workshop – Dancing muse

By Beuys – Actress

By Rego, Paula – A drawing for ‘The Dance’. Depiction of people dancing under two flags

By Klimt – Study for ‘The Dancer’

By Degas – A ballerina

By Avercamp, Hendrick – Masked lady

By Picasso – Bunch of actor’s

By Nijinsky, Vaslav – The Dance and the Abstract Truth

By myself – Studies of ballerina

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